Building Good Personal Credit:

Building Good Personal Credit:     
Keeping and maintaining a good-to-excellent personal credit score is vital for every small business owner in these challenging economic times. Can you qualify for a commercial business loan? Did you know the lender decision is often based on the owner’s personal credit score? That is why a good credit score has become a cherished asset to maintain and protect. This course focuses on the many factors that make up credit scoring and how to overcome negative credit issues impacting your credit rating. Learn about the unseen costs that bad credit causes. Learn how to minimize the risk of identity theft, how to respond to negative credit reports, how to build better credit, and how to engage creditors more successfully. If you have issues with your current or past credit relationships, or have no credit at all, learn how to start building good credit today.
Jackson Campus - Founder’s Hall 112
Th…….Apr. 10…….5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.….…T. Snider
This seminar is designed with the new start-up or budding entrepreneur in mind.  Learn what it takes to be successful in starting and operating a small business one week at a time.  Take one course, or take them all for FREE.  Contact the Small Business Center at or 828-339-4211 to reserve your seat or to request one-on-one confidential counseling.