Macon EDC Biz Week 2014 - Getting More Engagement & Results for Small Biz Using Photography and Video

Getting More Engagement & Results for Small Biz Using Photography and Video
The explosion of Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram has proven that photography and video is a powerful tool to market your business. This how-to class will teach you the basics of digital photography and videography to attract more customers with your social media and web marketing. Learn the techniques for being found on the Web by your photos and videos, which leads to higher conversion to clients. Developed by social media expert Martin Brossman, David Williams  with ( DWPPC.com ) and commercial photographer Cramer Gallimore ( CGPhoto.com ), who was an award winning photojournalist with the Fayetteville Observer, this class will give you real world knowledge that you can use today to increase social media engagement and expand your market. Photography for Social Media is one of the best ways to get more engagement from you customers and greater sales.
Macon Campus – Room 212, Cecil Groves Center
Tuesday…….April 22…….2 p.m. to 5 p.m.…….M. Brossman
This seminar is designed with the new start-up or budding entrepreneur in mind.  Learn what it takes to be successful in starting and operating a small business one week at a time.  Take one course, or take them all for FREE.  Contact the Small Business Center at www.ncsbc.net or 828-339-4211 to reserve your seat or to request one-on-one confidential counseling.