Supervision in the Workplace:

Supervision in the Workplace:
Most small business owners have not had formal training as supervisors. This seminar will show you effective management techniques to supervise your employees. Learn time and task-management skills, how to effectively delegate, and ways to both praise employees for good performance and correct poor performance. The class is designed for business owners and senior managers.
Jackson Campus - Founder’s Hall 112
Th…….May 1…….5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.…….T. Snider
This seminar is designed with the new start-up or budding entrepreneur in mind.  Learn what it takes to be successful in starting and operating a small business one week at a time.  Take one course, or take them all for FREE.  Contact the Small Business Center at or 828-339-4211 to reserve your seat or to request one-on-one confidential counseling.