Business Programs

SCC’s business degree programs provide education and training in the practical knowledge and skills needed for our ever-changing workforce. Course work for all business degrees includes business concepts such as accounting, business law, economics, management, and marketing. Students develop skills through the study of computer applications, communication, team building, and decision making. Our graduates have a sound business education as a base for lifelong learning.

Business Administration – Business Administration is a popular major because of the many career options available to graduates. This degree includes a variety of courses to build a strong foundation for a future business career.  Learn more about the Business Administration degree or certificate. Office Administration – The Office Administration track in Business Administration emphasizes the computer and administrative skills needed to succeed in today’s office environment. Learn more about the Business Administration - Office Administration degree or the Office Administration certificate.
Electronic Commerce – In addition to the business fundamentals, Business Administration - Electronic Commerce students learn to plan, create, market, and manage successful business web sites. Learn more about the Business Administration - Electronic Commerce Concentration degree or certificate.
Medical Office Administration – Medical Office Administration graduates learn essential office administration skills and business fundamentals with an emphasis on the unique processes of a medical or health-care related office. Learn more about the Medical Office Administration degree.
Entrepreneurship – The Entrepreneurship track in Business Administration includes courses to help the future business owner understand the creative, financial, and marketing issues relevant to entrepreneurs. Learn more about the Business Administration - Entrepreneurship track degree.  

Online Programs
All of the courses in our business degree programs are also available online.

SCC offers certificate programs in Business Administration, Electronic Commerce, and Office Administration.  With 5 or 6 courses, students can establish credentials for employment.

Our Faculty
Our SCC business programs are led by experienced faculty with expertise in the fields they teach.  With small class sizes, our instructors know their students.  Each student has a faculty advisor to help them make sound choices for academic success.

Our Graduates
Our surveyed graduates report they are satisfied with their education at SCC and would choose to major in business again.  The majority of our graduates are employed in their fields. Employers report that SCC graduates have the skills they need to succeed.
Recent graduates are currently employed as 

• Managers
• Retail Sales Associates
• Office Managers
• Administrative Assistants
• Small Business Owners
• Business Consultants
• Customer Service Representatives
More Information
If you would like more information about our business degree programs, please contact our Business Department Chair, Carolyn Porter, or the advisor for that program.