Career and College Promise

High Schools and Home Schools


The following information pertains to both high school and home school students. However, home school students must provide additional materials with their application.

Please see the home school link on the left for information on additionally required documents.

Through the Career and College Promise program, or CCP, all North Carolina high school and home school students are able to take college courses. All high school and home school students are CCP students and may only take courses that have been pre-approved for dual enrollment by the state. The goal of Career and College Promise is to help students reach their post high school goals faster. Career and College Promise allows students to earn both career certificates and credit to transfer to a four-year institution if they so choose.

Available certificates and course offerings can be found on the CCP brochure.


College Transfer Credit

  • Students must be a junior or a senior in high school
  • Students must have a 3.0 GPA
  • Students must have test scores that meet the state requirements
Students who have a 3.5 GPA or higher, but do not have satisfactory test scores, qualify for provisional status.

Provisional status:
Students must have completed two years of high school English with a grade of C or higher, and high school algebra II or math II (or a higher level math class), with a grade of C or higher. The student must obtain written approval from the high school principal, or the principal's designee. Provisional students can only take math or English as their first college course. upon successful completion of the math or English course, the student may continue to the full college transfer pathway.

The state accepted tests and test scores for college transfer eligibility are as follows:
English 15 26 Evidence Based Reading & Writing 480 18 18 Composite Score 151
Reading 18 26   22 22  
Mathematics 19 24.5 530 22 22 A score of 7 on DMAs 10-60

*Asset, Compass and NC DAP also accepted

Career Technical Certificates
The automotive, mechatronics, and welding certificates are open to all grade levels, other programs are as follows:

  • Students must be a junior or a senior in high school
  • Students must have a 3.0 GPA or principal permission
Test scores are not required for certificate pathways, but are required for certain classes - BIO 163, BIO 168, ENG 111, MAT 143, PSY 150, and CIS 115.

To schedule an Accuplacer exam, please contact our testing coordinator.

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