Career Center

Prepare for Your Job Search


Attend workshops and seminars:

Each semester, there will be opportunities to learn about important career topics. These range from dining etiquette to resume writing - you can even practice your skills in mock interviews. Take advantage of these resources that will give an edge in job search preparation.

Draft your resume:

Ask for a critique - your English or Business instructor, the Learning Assistance Center or the Career Counselor. Don't let a poorly constructed resume with grammatical errors derail your job search.

Develop your 30-second commercial to introduce yourself to potential employers.

Learn about networking, telephone interviews, and other job-related information.

Check out these online resources for information on resumes, cover letters, and interviewing, Participate in mock interview opportunities. 

Attend Job Fair to meet employers: 
Keep checking into the SCC website for current information on job fairs, and don't hesitate to call the Career Center for more information.