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Successful Dressing Tips for Women


Good quality wool blend or new washable twills
•     Jackets
       – Choose classic colors and styles
       – Navy, black, gray, or brown best
       – Avoid trendy styles – classic cuts stay in style
       – Sleeves should reach the base of your hand and show a bit of the blouse cuff
•     Skirts
       – Just below knee length to mid-calf
       – Avoid overly tight or short skirts
       – Slit should be in back and not above knee

•     Select sophisticated, complimentary colors
       – White/off white
       – Beige or other light colors
       – Avoid red – considered a power color
       – Not sleeveless for interview
•     Choose silk, cotton, or quality blend fabric
•     Opt for tailored blouses or shells
•     No revealing cleavage or too many undone buttons

•     Acceptable business attire
•     Mix and match for multiple outfits
•     Choose coordinating blouse or shirt in silk, knit, or cotton

•     Invest in a good raincoat and winter dress coat

•     Belted dresses
•     Coat-style dresses
•     Combine with jacket
•     Below knee or mid-calf dresses
•     No spaghetti strap or sleeveless dresses

•     Leather is preferable
•     Colors – black, navy blue, brown or burgundy
•     Pumps - up to 1 1/2" or low flats
•     Closed toes and heels
•     Hose should be skin color or one shade darker or lighter
•     No runs or fancy patterns
•     No white hose or white shoes

•     Wear small stud pearl, gold, or silver earnings – no large hoops or dangling earrings
•     If you have more than one hole in your ear, adorn only one hole per ear
•     Do not wear more than one pair of earrings, two finger rings, one conservative watch or bracelet
•     Remove all non-traditional jewelry; i.e., nose rings, eyebrow rings, tongue studs

•     Conservative and natural
•     A natural shade of lipstick and blush
•     Minimal eyeliner and mascara
•     Neatly manicured and clean nails – shorter nails, conservative nail color
•     Hair should project professional appearance: clean, neatly trimmed, and well groomed
•     Longer hair should be neatly styled or pulled back from the face and secured
•     Sparing use of cologne or perfume, no strong hair sprays, or other scents
•     Well-brushed teeth and fresh breath
•     No gum, candy, or other objects in your mouth

•     Business dress – conservative - a skirted suit, dress with jacket, pants suit, tailored blouses, tailored knit tops
•     Business casual – pants or skirts, tailored shirts or blouses, tailored knit sweaters and sweater sets
•     Cotton, silk, and wool blends are appropriate

•     All clothes should fit properly – not too tight or too baggy
•     Attire should be always be clean, neat, pressed or wrinkle free, and without frays or holes; pants should be creased
•     Shoes should be polished and shined - should not be scuffed or run down
•     Quality is more important than quantity
•     Pay attention to details - no missing buttons, no lint; and don’t forget to remove external tags and tacking stitches from new clothes
•     Padfolios preferred over bulky briefcases; small briefcases also appropriate