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Web Technologies - Web Design

***Program for students registered before Summer 2016***

The Web Technologies curriculum prepares graduates for careers in the information technology arena using computers and distributed computing to disseminate and collect information via the web.
Course work in this program covers the terminology and use of computers, network devices, networks, servers, databases, applications, programming languages, as well as web applications, site development and design. Studies will provide opportunity for students to learn related industry standards.

Graduates should qualify for career opportunities as designers, administrators, or developers in the areas of web applications, websites, web services, and related areas of distributed computing.
Southwestern Community College is a Certified Internet Webmaster (​CIW) Authorized Training Provider and offers various classes leading to CIW certifications. The CIW certification is the industry leading certification for webmasters. 

SCC also offers certificate programs in Web Technologies that can stand alone or be combined with other degree options. Southwestern is also a testing center for Adobe certification and offers courses that focus on each of the Adobe Web Development tools.

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