Paramedic Refresher Topics Online

Welcome to Southwestern Community College, Extension Education EMS, Paramedic Online Refresher topic course. After successfully completing all components of the course you will receive three hours of credit to apply towards the renewal of your credential. We plan to offer three additional three hour courses each quarter so be sure to check our website periodically.

How this course works

Each quarter, we plan to offer up to three, three hour blocks of instruction. You may register for as many of these courses you wish or all of them. Once you have submitted your registration, you will receive by e-mail, instructions on how to access the course.

Online Class Dates:

  •   Watch for 2010 class dates ~
  • online registration will be available

The format of the course will be as follows:

There will be a brief summary of the topic you are enrolled, this will give you a general overview of the material the course will cover. 

From here you will see the objectives for the course. Once you review this material, you will then go to the course PowerPoint. This PowerPoint will deliver the didactic portion of the course, be sure to pay attention as you will be evaluated on your mastery of this material later. 

Next, you will access any supplemental materials related to the topic. This may include videos, magazine articles, etc. 

You will then read the Case Study Instructions and proceed on to the Case Study itself. The Case Study is where you are presented with a simulated patient scenario. After reading the scenario, you will then be required to respond to several questions regarding this scenario. You are required to post to ALL of these questions. 

To be able to grant credit for the course, you will also be required to log back in to Moodle after a few days and respond to the instructors’ feedback to your posts to these Case Study questions. For “online” courses to meet criteria to be accepted for credit towards credential renewal there must be interaction between students and an instructor. This feedback mechanism meets this requirement so it is of utmost importance that you remember to return to the course, read and respond to the instructor’s comments. 

Finally, you must take the Exam for the course. Multiple attempts are allowed however you must score 80% to receive credit for the course. 

If you have further questions, please contact Todd Doster at 828.306.7044 or