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Kelly Burch and Kenet Adamson
Blackboard Tutorials (video = narrated demo, PDF = text instructions)

Adaptive Release (video) (PDF)
Add Test Student (video) (PDF)
Announcements (video)
Banner (video)
Blog (video1) (video2)
Bulk Delete Items (video) (PDF)
Change Course Title (video) (PDF)
Content Editor (video)
Copy Course (video) (PDF)
Course to Course Navigation (video)
Course Menu (video) (PDF)
Course Reports (video)
Check Course Size (PDF)
Contact Information (video)
Course Availability (video)
Discussions (video1) (video2) (video3) (video4)
     Word Counter (install add-on) (Liberty University)
Dropbox - Assignment (video)
Email (video)
Grade Center
    Average Columns (video)
     Categories (video)
     Color Coding (video)
     Grade Report (video)
     Grading Notes (video)
     Grading Rubric (video)
     Hide/Show Columns - Instructor View (video)
     Hide/Show Columns - Student View (video)
     Manually Create Column (video)
     Needs Grading (video)
     SmartViews (video) (PDF)
     View Grade Details (video)
     Weighted Total (video)
Groups (video1) (video2)
Journal (video1) (video2)
Mashup (video) (PDF)
Manage Course Display List (PDF)
Messages (video)
Navigation (video)
Rubric Tool (video)
SafeAssign (video) (PDF1) (PDF2) (PDF3) (PDF4) (PDF5)
Smartviews (video)
Statistics Tracking (video) (J. Roman)
Tests (video1) (video2) (video3)
     Print/Copy Restriction (scripts) (Princeton University)
     Test Generator (Tutorial) (Download) (College of Southern Idaho)
Wiki (video1) (video2) (video3) (video4) (video5)

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