Cyberduck Tutorials

Cyberduck is Southwestern Community College's FTP client, allowing instructors to store large files on our media server instead of within Blackboard courses. By storing files on the media server and linking to the files in Blackboard, we save much-needed space within the Blackboard system. The program is free to download (https://cyberduck.io).

The kinds of files that are especially important to host on the media server instead of Blackboard are:
  • PowerPoints (especially those with many images) (.ppt, .pptx)
  • Video files (.mov, .mp4)
  • Audio files (.wav, .mp3)
Files such as Word documents (.doc, .docx) and PDFs (.pdf) can often be stored safely within your Blackboard course without going over the 100 MB course size limit. (However, if you have large PDFs over 5 MB, those should be stored in Cyberduck.) 

For information on how to determine your course's size (and see how close you are to the 100 MB size limit), see the Checking Your Course Size tutorial.

Cyberduck Tutorials:
  1. Installing Cyberduck
  2. Setting Up and Managing Cyberduck
  3. Transferring Files in Bulk from Blackboard to the Media Server
  4. Linking Files to Blackboard
  5. Deleting Uploaded Files from Blackboard