Financial Aid

FAFSA Checklist


What comes after filing the FAFSA

Department of Education
_____  Receive confirmation from the Department of ED via e-mail listed on FAFSA
_____  Read Student Aid Report (summarizes all information entered on the FAFSA) – be sure to read the comments section of the student aid report
_____  If you did not use the IRS Data Retrieval System and you are eligible to so, please go back and use it now--if available.  Click here for more information on the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. 

_____  Apply to SCC  (choose program of study covered by financial aid)
_____  Meet all SCC Admissions requirements such as:
            -Official high school transcript/GED
            -Placement Tests
            -Official College transcripts
Financial Aid

_____  Receive flyer in the mail stating that we have received your FAFSA

_____  Receive and read your SCC student email notification from the SCC Financial Aid Office in its entirety and follow all steps thoroughly
_____  Go to Financial Aid Forms page and print forms if any were requested from SCC student e-mail
_____  Submit requested documents to the SCC Financial Aid Office (from SCC student e-mail)

_____  Make sure SCC Financial Aid Office has all required documentation by checking that MySCC/Web Advisor shows all documents “Received”
_____  Check SCC student e-mail for an award letter notification and go to MySCC/Web Advisor to review your award amounts and read your award letter thoroughly