Financial Aid

Financial Aid Announcements

September 2014 Refund Checks The first round of refund checks was mailed September 18.  Additional checks will be mailed throughout the semester as new classes start, if those hours increase a student's enrollment status (for example, from 3/4 time to full time).  For students taking out federal loans, Disbursement 2 and 3 for the fall semester will be mailed by Oct. 21 and Nov. 18, respectively.  If you have not yet received a check, please check your account balance on MySCC to see if you still owe SCC for tuition and book charges.  Please make sure you keep your current address on file, and allow 7-10 days for mail delivery, although most will be delivered much quicker.
August 2014
Charging Books
Financial aid students with completed awards may begin charging books for Fall in the SCC Bookstore on August 6.  Students should bring their schedules, a form of photo ID and their student ID number when purchasing items in-store. All online orders must be placed by August 22, and all online returns must be received in-store by August 29 to process a refund. All in-store charges and returns must be completed by August 29.  Financial aid must be used for items required for your education, so charges of certain items may not be allowed. Students can contact the bookstore for more details at 828.339.4222 or bookstore[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu.
July 2014 Tuition Bills All registered students (including those who have been awarded financial aid) have recently been mailed a bill for Fall 2014 tuition.  As noted on the bill, this is for your record.  If you have not already reviewed your award amount for Fall 2014, and read your award letter on MySCC / Web Advisor, please do so now to verify that you do have an award in place.  As long as your award amount exceeds your tuition charges, you do not need to take any further action--your charges will be deducted automatically when aid is posted to your account in September.  In the meantime, your award will hold your class schedule.  If your aid does not fully cover your charges and you will have a balance due, payment is due by Aug. 15.
July 2014 If you have not yet received an email with notification of your 2014/15 Financial Aid Award, you should check your status on MySCC. The Financial Aid Office may need more information to complete processing your file…don’t delay and possibly not have your award in place before payment of classes is due!
If you have received an email with notification of your 2014/15 Financial Aid Award, you should be sure to read your award letter completely! Valuable information is enclosed about your possible award amounts and what will be expected of you to keep your award status!
May 2014 Be sure to carefully follow all instructions in any emails from the SCC Financial Aid Office.  It is possible that your file may require submission of documents to our office.  Your prompt response to all requests will accelerate the review of your request for financial aid. You can check your MySCC Web Advisor account to determine if you have submitted all requested documents or taken the required action.
Once the verification process has been completed and the SCC Financial Aid Office has confirmed that you meet all other student eligibility criteria, we will send you a notification email of financial aid award and how to check your award letter, which will list the types and amounts of financial aid for which you qualify.