Financial Aid

Other Aid Applications


How to Apply for Scholarships
Remember that the more scholarships you apply for, the better chance you have to receive one. Work hard to earn a strong Grade Point Average, as this is a major component of most scholarship award decisions.

How to Apply for SCC Scholarships: 

  • Announcements about availability of SCC Scholarships will periodically be sent to students on their SCC student email accounts.
  • Each Spring semester, an announcement will be sent about the opening of the SCC online scholarship application system, which will be accessed through MySCC, so students can apply for all SCC Foundation scholarships. Students are encouraged to file an application in this online system, by the published deadline, so they can be considered for a variety of SCC scholarships.
  • Other scholarships that North Carolina state agencies administer through the Financial Aid Office will be announced throughout the year via student emails.
  • The SCC Financial Aid Office maintains a bulletin board in the office where information is posted on miscellaneous outside scholarships that may be of interest to students.
How to Apply for Student Loans
Please contact the SCC Financial Aid Office at 828.339.4438 to request instructions on how to apply for a student loan.  All first time borrowers at SCC will be asked to schedule a loan counseling session where they will receive loan application instructions.

How to Apply for Work-Study
You must complete the FAFSA and your Student Aid Report (SAR) must be completely processed by the SCC Financial Aid Office (you may be required to submit other requested documentation).  Once eligibility has been established, click here to complete the Work-Study application. 

Note: Completing the work-study application does not guarantee a position in the work-study program. Positions are limited.  Visit our SCC Job Board for information on our available positions.  Work-study awards are made on a first-come/first-serve basis to students who have requested work-study and have met all requirements. Eligible students will be awarded work-study and notified by the Financial Aid Office. The largest work study award at SCC is given for fifteen hours of work per week during the Fall and Spring semesters. Smaller awards may be given, depending on the needs of the student and job requirements. Work-study funds are often not available in the Summer. College work-study students will be paid a minimum of $9 per hour.