Financial Aid

Receiving Your Aid


Once your FAFSA application has been processed by the SCC Financial Aid Office, you will be notified via your SCC email of any awards you are eligible to receive. This award can be viewed by logging into My SCC and clicking on the Web Advisor link. From this area you have the option of reviewing the Financial Aid screens and then viewing/printing a copy of your award letter.

Your financial aid award is originally made for a full-time (12 or more credit hours) enrollment status. Funds will be prorated/reduced for anyone enrolled less than full-time. Students receiving the North Carolina Community College Grant will see their aid prorated/reduced if they are enrolled less than 15 credit hours a semester. Please read our Financial Aid Proration and Award Availability page for more information. We will check your enrolled credit hours approximately three weeks after classes start and adjust your aid at that time, if you are less than full-time. We will also delete aid for hours that you have not attended.

These funds are credited to your SCC account to be used for tuition and fees and for books purchased at the SCC Bookstore.Tuition and fees will automatically be charged to your financial aid unless you have provided the SCC Cashier with documentation that your expenses will be paid by a sponsor/third party.

Purchasing Books with Financial Aid Funds
Financial aid recipients who have awards showing on their account in MySCC may charge books and school supplies in the SCC Bookstore at the beginning of each semester, and those costs will be deducted from their financial aid before any financial aid refunds are issued. The Financial Aid Calendar gives the exact date charges may begin. This service is provided as a convenience to students, and students are not required to purchase books this way. Financial aid students wishing to purchase books from another vendor will need to pay for those purchases on their own, and then those costs will not be deducted from their financial aid.

Refund Checks
Refund checks will be mailed once all attendance has been verified, and adjustments have been made for enrollment status. Please make sure SCC has your current address on file. Students cannot request to pick up their checks at the SCC Business Office.

What You Must Know!

  • Contact the SCC Financial Aid Office if you no longer plan to attend SCC, or wish to decline your aid offer. If you do not decline your award, you acknowledge that you plan to attend the upcoming semester, and authorize the payment of tuition and fees from your financial aid.
  • Once financial aid has been awarded to you, your classes will be marked as paid and not dropped. If you do not attend, your aid will be removed, and then you will be billed for your tuition. Therefore, if you do not plan to attend, you must decline your financial aid and drop your classes. Remember that financial aid will only cover classes that are a required part of your program of study, and will not pay for classes that you audit, never attend, or test out of without attending.
  • You must start attending all classes immediately when they begin.
  • You must also participate in your on-line classes by the end of the first week of the semester.
  • You must make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to continue receiving financial aid. As long as you are making Satisfactory Academic Progress, financial aid can pay for you to repeat any class you have withdrawn from (W or WF grade) or failed (F or R grade). However, if you have previously passed a class (even if you were not then receiving financial aid), financial aid can only pay you one time to repeat the class for a better grade, whether or not you actually receive a better grade.
  • You must inform the financial aid office of any other education assistance you receive while at SCC. If you withdraw from all your classes, you may owe back some of the financial aid you have received. You must attend through the 60% point of the semester to have earned all your aid. If at any point you stop attending all your classes, we will calculate how much aid you earned as if you had withdrawn on your last date of attendance.


If the Financial Aid Office should, in good faith, make an error that results in your being over awarded, you will nevertheless be responsible for repaying those funds to SCC. Funds for student financial aid programs are provided by both the U.S. Government and the North Carolina State Legislature. If either reduces appropriations, or if allocations to SCC are not sufficient, your award from these programs may be reduced or revoked.