Financial Aid

SCC Financial Aid Deadlines


The academic year consists of the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

FAFSA Deadlines:

The U.S. Department of Education processes FAFSAs every year starting in January of the current year and ending on June 30 of the following year. Example: For the 2015-2016 academic year, the Department of Education will process from January 1, 2015 until June 30, 2016. A student needs to file only one time for each academic year.

SCC has set Priority Deadlines to ensure that students file in time to allow processing and awarding before the start of each semester. SCC students need to file their FAFSAs by the following dates:

  • May 1 – students starting in the Fall
  • September 30 – students starting in the Spring
  • February 15 – students starting in the Summer

FAFSAs filed after these deadlines WILL be processed as soon as possible, but eligible students may not be awarded until after the semester has begun.

Scholarship Deadlines

SCC Scholarships Deadline will be announced each year when the online scholarship application system opens for all SCC Foundation Scholarships.