Honors Program

Best Practices in Developing an Honors Proposal



Best Practices in Developing an Honors Proposal

Congratulations on considering an honors contract. Here is a simple suggestion and a few thoughts to assist you in being “committee” approved with the initial submission.

  • Simple Suggestion: 

The committee decision will be based upon your description of each of the following components - which are included on the honor proposal/contract. A complete answer to each of these components creates a very positive outcome.

  1. The research focus, process, and level of critical analysis;
  2. How the project is different from traditional classroom expectations; 
  3. The faculty mentoring component;
  4. The learning objectives;
  5. The type and length of project and how/if the results are shared with others (paper, presentation, publication, community involvement/service, etc.)
  6. The # and type of resources to be used; 

A Few Thoughts: 

  • Typing your proposal/contract is not required but VERY much appreciated.
  • If you have multiple outcomes stated in your proposal/contract, (a paper and a presentation, for example) ALL components must be successfully submitted before honors credit will be awarded. If it is in the proposal/contract, a partial submission does not equal honors credit. So, be sure and ask yourself if the outcome is reasonable.
  • If your proposal/contract is a presentation or power-point, specify when you will see/hear the presentation before it is presented to the class… proposing a class presentation as a contract should include a time that you will pre-approve the presentation before the honors candidate presents to your class. 
  • The best proposed contracts “name” the faculty mentoring piece. How often will you meet with the student?  State the deadline date of the project.
  • An added layer of approval through the IRB committee will be necessary if the honor proposal/contract includes a survey/questionnaire.  Be sure to attach the survey/questionnaire and the populations/classes which will be included in the research to your proposal.

 Have fun! Think outside the box.  You are cultivating excellence!