Human Resources

Maintenance Workorder System


Whether you need some help setting up for an event or changing out a ballast in your light fixture, our College’s maintenance staff has a new and improved method for responding quickly and efficiently.

MaintenanceDirect is an internet-based work management tool that streamlines the work order process from request to completion.


New Users:

In order to be setup in the MaintenanceDirect system, new users must visit this Web site: and enter the college’s organization number in the space provided. (The organization number may be obtained from ext. 4260 in the Human Resources Office).

After clicking the “Submit Organization” button, users will be directed to a page where their college e-mail address is to be entered. This will be their unique username to access the system. 


Click “Submit” and the user will be directed to this page to fill in additional information:


Note: This information will be saved after you submit your first request. New users are not saved until their first request has been submitted.

Click “Submit” again and the user will be directed to a page that looks like the following:


There are seven (7) steps involved to submit a maintenance request:


  1. Review this information
  2. Location – select the location for the work to be performed
  3. Select Problem Type (i.e., if unsure, select “Miscellaneous”)
  4. Describe the problem or request in detail
  5. Indicate the requested completion date
  6. Type in the Submittal Password (which may be obtained from Kathleen Breedlove (ext. 4260) in the Human Resources Office) in the space provided.
  7. Click “Submit”

Returning Users:


It is suggested once a user has been setup in the MaintenanceDirect system, that they add this link to their bookmarks or favorites.

Anytime a user should desire to check the status of previous requests they can login in and click on the My Requests tab.