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General Biology Websites:

McGraw Hill has General Biol virtual labs/lessons –useful for on-line students or additional enrichment activities/readings: http://highered.mheducation.com/olcweb/system/404.html

~doz cell animations from univ. source, requires sign in: http://vcell.ndsu.nodak.edu/animations/

online biology dictionary, including prefixes & suffixes


General Biology Terminology and Flashcards

General Biology interactive labs, animations

A great many Multiple links to Biology animations/tutorials across the web

General Biology Practice Tests - a quick quiz to self-check chapter concepts and terms


Specific Biology Websites:

Covalent Bonding

3-D models of many organic molecules


Protein 3D structure

Intro to protein signaling cascades

Enzyme catalysts

Enzyme inhibition

Vmax, enzyme inhibition, competition

Protein activation animation (apoptosis model)

DNA structure introduction

DNA coiling

DNA replication

DNA replication with Okasaki fragments on lagging strand

Transcription to Translation animated

Transcription to Translation, animated – quick and soundless


Splicing of mRNA

Splicing RNA

Sliceosomes action

Translation with tRNAs

Translation animated

Using restriction enzymes in gene splicing

Plasmid vectors for splicing together recombinant DNA

Gene insertion into plants

Gene cloning animated

RNA interference – potential applications

PCR reactions animated

DNA finger printing

DNA fingerprinting analysis

Microarrays of gene expression explained

Electrophoresis animated

Protein electrophoresis

Prokaryotic, eukaryotic, animal, plant cells and organelles

Plant Cell Structures

Membrane components

Fluid Mosaic model

Tight junctions between cells

Membrane transport, includes neural Na+/K+ active transport

Membrane transport

Exocytosis visualized in vivo

Ligand-gated ion channel

Osmosis demo with raw egg

Endocytosis, or bulk transport across membranes

2nd messengers (G proteins and cycling AMP) and cell signaling cascades

Gprotein signalling

Bacterial conjugation

Hershey and Chase experiment

DNA coiling

DNA replication

Mitosis animation

Nice Mitosis animation

Mitosis animated or step by step

Meiosis animation

Meiosis animated or step by step

Mitosis and Meiosis

Meiosis square dance- ridiculous fun from Discovery Channel


Frame shift mutations

PBS explains cancer mutations and metastasis

Embryonic Stem Cells


Cancer and tumor suppressor gene action of p53


ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate


Citric Acid Cycle

Electron transport chain

Electron transport chain and ATP synthase

ATP synthase--animation

Proton gradients and ATP synthase

Harvesting Light

Overview animated photosynthesis


Harvesting Light—animated

Calvin Cycle

Calvin Cycle

Myosin and Actin

Role of the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum in Muscle Cells

Anatomy of a muscle cell

Anatomy of a Neuron

Saltatory Conduction in Neurons

Neuronal Synapses (Chemical)

Neuromuscular Junction

Neurotransmitters at synapse-brief animation

Internal anatomy of the spinal cord and the spinal nerves

Peripheral Nerves:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CECXTZHM7aI&feature=fvw

Brain regions.

Review of brain regions

Neuron Resting Potential

Membrane Depolarization

Signal Transduction, including hormone action

The Lungs and Pulmonary System

Red blood cells

Circulatory System and the Heart


Torso Blood Vessels

gas exchange:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiT621PrrO0&feature=related

Role of Phagocytes in Innate or Nonspecific Immunity

Virus infection animated

Brief overview of immune responses

NPR animates viral invasion

Immune response, T and B cells

B cell clonal selection

Inflammatory Response

Thyroid Hormone—negative controls

Steroids influence gene expression

The Kidney and Nephron

Overview of Renal structure & function

Digestion animation

Glucose Insulin and Diabetes

Calorie Chart

Comparison of Mitosis and Meiosis

seminiferous tubules and sperm production 

The Ovarian and Uterine Cycle—click on the “Animation” tab

Fertilization –click on the “Animation” tab

Mendelian genetics practice quiz

Punnett square review, with practice quiz at end

Independent assortment of alleles

Introduction to Heredity

Punnett Square Fun

Hardy-Weinberg Principle

Sex-Linked Traits

Variation in a Species

Ape Clarification

Intelligent Design and Evolution

Evolution Clarification

Natural Selection and the Owl Butterfly

Natural Selection

Tree of Life – awesome computer graphics of life forms ~6 min.

Carl Sagan Presents the Tree of Life -- emerging diversity ~ 8 min. video

Evolution of Life on Earth ~ 10 min video

Nature presents David Attenborough on Darwin –4 ½ min

Introduction to Evolution and Natural Selection


Evolution tutorials through PBS

Natural Selection interactive

Genetic drift - animation

Intro to Evolution – 5 min. video touches on controversy

On Becoming Human—evolutionary interactive





Mold Life cycle

Slime molds

Liver worts

Horn worts


Kingdom Archeae

Kingdom Animalia

Sea urchin fertilization




Helminths parasites











Frog life cycle

Discovery Channel shows thermoregulation in animals

Intro to Plant Diversity—short Britannica video

Moss life cycle

Conifer life cycle

Pressure flow in plants


Auxin hormone

Life cycle of flowering plants

Quick time lapse of seed germination

Plant fertilization

Plant pathogens

Plant mimicking

BBC—poisonous pitcher planthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trWzDlRvv1M&feature=relmfu

Foraging behavior

Territorial defense costs and benefits

National Geographic – parasitic insects

BBC on Animal Behaviors—case study of Australian Bowerbird

BBC on Animal Behaviors –case study of male Elephant Seals

BBC – bird nest camouflage

Tropical Bird Mating Dance

Birds and tools

Intro to Seals Population Ecological Study

What is an ecosystem?

Coral reef ecosystem

Climax communities

Habitat fragmentation


Succession animation

Continental drift, a brief animation

Global hydrological cycle

Global carbon cycle

Global nitrogen cycle

How to write a lab report in biology