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BIO 111 – General Biology
Basic Chem. – Organic Molecules II – Enzymes
Osmosis demo (Raw Egg YouTube Video Explanation)
Electron transport chain and ATP synthase (YouTube Video Explanation)
Proton gradients and ATP synthase (YouTube Video Explanation)
Harvesting Light (Animated Video)
Calvin Cycle (Interactive Applet)
sin and Actin (Video Explanation)
Role of the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum in Muscle Cells (Video Explanation)
Vmax, enzyme inhibition (Animated Explanation)
Feedback Inhibition of Biochemical Pathways Animation (Animated Explanation)
Basic Cell Structures
Prokaryotic, eukaryotic, animal, plant cells and organelles (Interactive Animation)
Membrane transport (Interactive Animation)
negative controls (Interactive Animation of Thyroid Hormones)
Ovarian and Uterine Cycle (Interactive Animation)
Internal anatomy of the spinal cord and the spinal nerves (Interactive Applet)
Signal Transduction (Interactive Applet – Including Hormone Action)
Torso Blood Vessels (Interactive Applet)
seminiferous tubules and sperm production  (Interactive Applet)
brain regions (Interactive Applet Review)
Neuromuscular Junction (YouTube Video Explanation)
Neurotransmitters at synapse (YouTube Video Animation)
Neuron Resting Potential (YouTube Video Explanation)
Membrane Depolarization (YouTube Video Explanation)
Virus infection (YouTube Video Animation)
overview of immune responses (Brief YouTube Video Explanation)
viral invasion (NPR Animated YouTube Video)
Immune response (T and B Cells YouTube Video)
clonal selection (B Cell YouTube Video Explanation)
Overview of Renal structure & function (YouTube Video Explanation)
Plant Cell Structures (YouTube Video Explanation)
Fluid Mosaic model (YouTube Video Explanation)
Cell junctions (YouTube Video Explanation)
Cell Metabolism (Tips and Terminology)
Aerobic and Anaerobic Respiration Tutorial (Tips and Terminology)
Red blood cells (Helpful Video Explanation)
Anatomy of a muscle cell (Helpful Video Explanation)
Circulatory System and the Heart (Helpful Video Explanation)
Hemoglobin (Helpful Video Explanation)
Anatomy of a Neuron (Helpful Video Explanation)
The Lungs and Pulmonary System (Helpful Video Explanation)
Role of Phagocytes in Innate or Nonspecific Immunity (Helpful Video Explanation)
Inflammatory Response (Helpful Video Explanation)
Glucose Insulin and Diabetes (Helpful Video Explanation)
The Kidney and Nephron (Helpful Video Explanation)
Membrane transport (Interactive Animation – Including neural Na+/K+ active transport)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CECXTZHM7aI&feature=fvw (Peripheral Nerves)
http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/cells/scale/ (Relative Size of Cells)
Osmosis Animation and Quiz
Sodium Potassium Exchange Pump Animation and Quiz
Steroids influence gene expression
Harvesting Light (Interactive Explanation)
Life cycle of flowering plants (YouTube Video Explanation)
Plant mimicking (YouTube Video Explanation)
Quick time lapse of seed germination (YouTube Animation)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trWzDlRvv1M&feature=relmfu (YouTube Video on the Poisonous Pitcher Plant)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g78utcLQrJ4 (YouTube Video on Photosynthesis)
Cell cycle – Mitosis/Meiosis
Mitosis animation (YouTube Video Explanation)
Meiosis animation (YouTube Video Explanation)
Comparison of Mitosis and Meiosis (Helpful Animations)

Sex-Linked Traits (Explanation Video)
Introduction to Heredity (Explanation Video)
Punnett square (Review and Practice Quiz)
Punnett Square Fun (Explanation Video)
Mendelian genetics (Practice Quiz)
Cancer and tumor suppressor gene action (Interactive Explanation)
Cancer (Explanation Video)
Cross-overs (YouTube Video Explanation)
Genetics Tutorials (General Help)
DNA/RNA - Protein synthesis
Microarrays (Animated Explanation)
Protein electrophoresis (Animated Explanation)
Electrophoresis (Animated Explanation)
DNA fingerprinting (Animated Explanation)
DNA structure introduction (YouTube Video Explanation)
Transcription to Translation animated (YouTube Video Explanation)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG7uCskUOrA (YouTube Video Explanation)
Sliceosomes action (mRNA Splicing YouTube Video Explanation)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sI5vy-cD2g (Using Restriction enzymes in Gene Splicing YouTube Video Explanation)
Plasmid vectors (Plasmid Vectors for Splicing Together Recombinant DNA YouTube Video Explanation)
RNA interference (YouTube Video Explanation)
DNA fingerprinting analysis (YouTube Video Explanation)
Ligand-gated ion channel (YouTube Animated Video)
Gprotein signaling (YouTube Video Explanation)
Protein 3D structure (YouTube Video Explanation)
signaling cascades (Intro to Protein YouTube Video Explanation)
Protein activation (YouTube Video Animated Explanation on Apoptosis Model)
DNA replication (Video Explanation)
Viruses (Video Explanation)
Transcription to Translation, animated (Video)
Protein Synthesis (Translation Video)
RNA Splicing (Splicing RNA Video)
PCR reactions (Animated Video)
Human Genome Project
Gene insertion into plants (Video)
Embryonic Stem Cells (Video Explanation)
Gene cloning (Video)
Transposons (YouTube Video Explanation)
History of Life
Fossilization Process (YouTube Video Explanation)
Variation in a Species (Video Explanation)
Evolution of Life on Earth (YouTube Video Explanation)
Continental drift, a brief animation (Visual Animation)
Evolution Clarification (PBS Video)
Introduction to Evolution and Natural Selection (Video Explanation)
Natural Selection (Interactive Explanation)
Evolution tutorials (Video Explanation)
Genetic drift (Animated Explanation)
Tree of Life (Computer Graphics of Life Forms YouTube Explanation Video)
David Attenborough on Darwin (YouTube Video Explanation)
Intelligent Design and Evolution (Video Explanation)
Natural Selection and the Owl Butterfly (Video Explanation)
General Help
How to write a lab report in biology (Helpful Tips)
Biology Corse overview videos (YouTube channel – CrashCourse: Biology (a series of short tutorial videos)
http://vcell.ndsu.nodak.edu/animations/ (Terminology, Animations, & Explanations)
http://www.macroevolution.net/suffix-prefix-dictionary.html (Prefix/Suffix Dictionary)
General Biology Practice Tests (Self-check for Concepts and Terms)
http://www.wiley.com/college/apcentral/anatomydrill/ (Links to Helpful Interactive Terminology Games)
BIO 112 – Zoology
Cladistics (Helpful Terminology)
Bacteria (Helpful Video)
Mycology (Text and Pictures)
Slime molds (Extended Definition)
Horn worts (Extended Definition)
Horsetailss (Extended Definition)
Kingdom Archeae (Explanation and Pictures)
Porifera (Pictures and Definition)
Cnidaria (Concise Definition)
Ctenophora (Extended Definition and Pictures)
Nemertini (Definition and Pictures)
Nematoda (Roundworms Definition)
Rotifers (Definition and Pictures)
Mollusca (Facts and Definitions)
lophophores (Concise Explanation)
Echinodermata (Explanation)
Hemichordata (Extended Definition and Pictures)
Discovery Channel shows thermoregulation in animals (YouTube Video)
Intro to Plant Diversity (Short Britannica YouTube Video)
parasitic insects (National Geographic YouTube Video)
case study of Australian Bowerbird (BBC on Animal Behaviors YouTube Video)
case study of male Elephant Seals (BBC on Animal Behaviors YouTube Video)
bird nest camouflage (BBC YouTube Video)
Mating Dance (YouTube Video on Tropical Birds)
Birds and tools (How Birds Use Nature’s Tools YouTube Video)
Population Ecological Study (Intro to Seal YouTube Video)
What is an ecosystem? (YouTube Explanation Video)
Coral reef ecosystem (YouTube Video)
Climax communities (YouTube Video)
http://tolweb.org/tree/ (Phylogenic Tree Navigator; basic phylogeny with few details)
http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/help/taxaform.html (Taxonomy & Species Details; information on a number of species)
Succession animation (Interactive Animation)
BIO 140 – Environmental Biology
https://quizlet.com/22297880/environmental-biology-key-terms-flash-cards/ (Terminology and Vocabulary)
http://www.course-notes.org/Environmental_Science/Vocabulary (Helpful Notes and Terms)