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Business Writing


Business Writing Links
The Purdue OWL website features many resources on professional and technical writing. The following links go directly to the individual resources from Purdue.

Basic Concepts
Just like academic writing, there are standards that all business writing has to meet. The following links will help you understand concepts that apply to all documents created in the business world (as well as your ENG 114 class).

Workplace Writers

Effective Workplace Writing

Audience Analysis

Prioritizing Your Concerns for Effective Business Writing

Parallel Structure

Tone in Business Writing

HATS (Headings, Access, Typography, and Space)

Business Writing for Administrative and Clerical Staff

Specific Documents
Now that you’ve got a good understanding of the basics, you may be tasked with creating specific documents. While all of these documents have the characteristics seen above, they execute those characteristics in different ways based on purpose and audience. Below are links to these specific documents with important information and sample writings.

Business Letters


Sales Letters

Grant Writing


Donation Request Letters

Technical Reports & Report Abstracts

White Papers

Activity and Postmortem Reports

Job Search Writing
Documents used to find a job often follow the same rules of writing within a business environment. When completing Applications and preparing Cover Letters and Résumés, remember to follow the basics outlined earlier. Also, see the information and examples below.

Preparing an Application

Job Search Letters

Résumés and Vitas