Learning Assistance Center


Is the LAC an open lab?

Yes and no…the LAC is a professionally staffed lab, so our main mission is to provide academic assistance and technical support as students write papers, solve math problems, conduct research, learn software applications, study for exams, etc. Therefore, we encourage students to work in the LAC, as an open lab, so that help is available if/when it’s needed.

Who can get help in the LAC?

Any enrolled SCC student…our lab is for all students in all majors at all points in their academic careers. Faculty members are also welcome to use the computer lab and resources, as are community members.

Must students be referred to the LAC by an instructor?

No...as a matter of fact, a self-referral form is available for download at the bottom of this page. Simply click the link to the .html file, and then after completing the form, click "Submit" to forward your referral to the LAC. The Coordinator will contact you shortly after receiving your request. Also, the LAC is open to students on a drop-in basis, as well as by appointment. Call 828.339.4325 to make an appointment.

Who is available to help students in the LAC?

All Learning Consultants can answer general questions and help with basic writing, research, and math as well as with intermediate computer problems. Each consultant also specializes in at least one subject, such as advanced math. An Advanced Writing Consultant is on duty at all times during operating hours. Students may check the schedule posted outside the LAC entrance for hours when other specialized help is available. (Schedules also are posted online and on campus bulletin boards.) Learning Consultants sit near the entrance and post colorful signs and wear name tags for easy identification.

Is online tutoring available?

Yes! Smarthinking is available, through Blackboard, to all students free of charge. Some help—such as math—is available twenty-four hours a day. Link to Online Tutoring webpage. Contact the LAC Coordinator at 828.339.4325 for more information.