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Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world after Chinese and the second most widely spoken language in the United States after English, according to authors Lewis, Gary, and Charles (http://www.ethnologue.com). It is very common in the U.S. to find signs in public and private businesses written in both English and Spanish. Because this bilingual trend continues upward, it would be a good idea for English speakers in the U.S. to have a basic grasp of Spanish. The following links provide access to videos and sites for learning Spanish.

Maestro Kaplan Video Series:

123 Teach Me: http://123teachme.com/
This site is divided into four main sections:

Verb Conjugator: Conjugation tables show the various tenses of many verbs.

Spanish Sentence Maker: Entering a Spanish word allows users to view sample sentences containing this word and learn how it is used in context.

Spanish Text Translator: Text boxes allow phrases or sentences to be translated from English to Spanish, or from Spanish to English.

Miscellaneous: Also on the site are Resources for Learning Spanish, Free Online Spanish Games, and Spanish for Kids, Daily Spanish Resources (Word, Phrase, and Verb of the Day), Spanish Verb Conjugation, and Spanish Courses.
Aprender Español (Learn Spanish): http://www.aprenderespanol.org/
This Spanish Web site features hundreds of exercises for learning Spanish online. Categories for these exercises include Grammar, Verbs, Songs, Stories, Lectures, and Videos.
Best Spanish Websites: http://www.uni.edu/becker/Spanish3.html
This page links to hundreds of other sites with helpful Spanish information. Materials include Verbs, Vocabulary, Worksheets, Games, Newspapers, Travel Info, Search Engines, Quizzes, and Translation Services, along with many others.
¡Es fácil! (It’s easy!): http://www.esfacil.eu/
This page has three main sections to help enhance Spanish skills.

Grammar: Information on the alphabet, word stress, numbers, time, and “Por or Para?” is available.

Verb Conjugations: Tables on this page include the most common tenses of over 1,000 Spanish verbs.

Exercises: Practice with numbers and verbs can help enhance specific Spanish skills.
Spanish Dict: http://www.spanishdict.com/
SpanishDict.com provides translation resources for sentences and shorter sayings. It also features verb-conjugation tables showing the correct forms for various tenses of verbs. In addition, ten categories of grammar resources and exercises present opportunities to practice these skills.
Study Spanish: http://www.studyspanish.com/
This site provides resources to help speak Spanish conversationally or in more formal settings. Many free materials are available, along with additional information for paid subscribers. The site has five main sections:

Pronunciation: Exercises cover topics such as vowels, consonants, intonation, and diphthongs.

Grammar: Over 100 separate grammar topics are available, such as parts of speech, stem-changing verbs, pronouns, and various verb tenses.

Vocabulary: Categories of vocabulary words allow you to read and hear the items. Then, practice exercises are available to test your understanding of these words.

Verb Drills: These drills provide an assessment after learning some Spanish verbs. The verb information is elsewhere on the site.

Features and Resources: This page’s categories are Study Abroad, Travel Helper, Cultural Notes, Conversation Course, and Daily Word.