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College Study Skills:

Purdue University's online writing lab 

Effective Study Skills: How to Study and Make the Most of Your Time

Dartmouth College Academic Skills Center:
http://www.dartmouth.edu/~acskills/handouts.html - Click to expand “Study Tips and Test Preparation.” Includes CLAST (College-Level Academic Skills Test).

Test Preparation - Your Study Smart Not Hard Solution: 

What is Critical Reading?:

Speed Reading - 


TurboRead Speed Reading provides speed-reading and reading comprehension self-assessment checks, as well as slow reading and speed-reading "speed FAQ's."

*Try the on-line reading test. You might be surprised! It is divided into two parts: 1) easy-read selection, and 2) more technical, study-read selection. This is an informational site that you can enjoy and gain feedback from without feeling obligated to buy the offered product, Turbo Read Interactive Speed Reading CD-ROM.

, one of the latest buzzwords in educational psychology, refers to higher order thinking about and active control of mental processes involved in learning.

Khan Academy: Learn almost anything for free.
http://www.khanacademy.org - There is a special tab at the bottom for students. Subjects include math, science and economics, computer science, history, and test preparation.

Test Anxiety: Most students experience some level of anxiety during an exam. However, when anxiety begins to affect exam performance, it has become a problem. ub-counseling.buffalo.edu/stresstestanxiety.shtml

Test-Taking Strategies: Before, during, and after testing

Strategies for Different Test Formats: Multiple-choice, short-answer, and essay tests

How to Study: A Brief Guide by William J. Rapaport: A thoughtful and enjoyable way to rethink your study efforts.

How to Study: “When you hit the books…and they hit back!”

Build a Better Vocabulary


Additional info Concerning Business in Particular -


This excellent collection of web sites offers help in studying, reading, writing, and critical thinking at the college level. Here you will find links to some of the best online writing labs, professors' notes, and guidelines that guarantee success—not only in college but also in every portion of your life that requires thinking. A high school student from Alliance Charter Academy suggested the link; we want to thank Bethany for her help!

  • college reading and writing
  • time management
  • study techniques (note-taking, efficient study, preparing for tests)
  • writing a research paper; citation guides
  • constructing arguments
  • "how to study for..." (includes many course listings)
  • best business schools in America
  • tips for succeeding in online courses
  • glossary of business terms

Note: A high school student from Alliance Charter Academy suggested the link, and we want to thank Bethany! This collection was created with business majors in mind. It further lists MBA programs and how to succeed in them, including online courses and self-guided learning.