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Harvard College Writing Center Links
Harvard’s Writing Center presents their information in a format that most students are familiar with, including things like how to understand assignments and choose a paper topic based on that assignment. These links will walk you through the writing process with focus on academic essays that have been assigned.

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Harvard Guide to Using Sources

Brief Guides to Writing in the Disciplines

  • Includes PDFs for History, Philosophy, English, and Psychology (Sociology says it will be added, but since the copyright on these guides is 2007/2008, I don’t think they will ever produce the Sociology one).

Excelsior College OWL
Excelsior College in Albany, NY has a website that is much more user-friendly than the Purdue and Harvard websites. The topics go much more in depth on things that other sites miss such as prewriting strategies, the purpose of different genres, and understanding your audience. There are even a few activities for you to do.

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The Writing Process Research & Citations Rhetorical Styles Online Writing & Presentations Grammar Essentials Avoiding Plagiarism ESL Writing Online Workshop

Purdue OWL
Purdue’s Online Writing Lab is perhaps the most well-known resource for academic writing and for good reason. Instructors are constantly directing their students to this website because it is very extensive and could even be used to replace any of the handbooks that are usually assigned. It is already updated to MLA 8 and has more citation examples than the official MLA Handbook.

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General Writing

The Writing Process Academic Writing Common Writing Assignments Mechanics Grammar Punctuation Visual Rhetoric

Research and Citation

Conducting Research Using Research APA Style MLA Style Chicago Manual 16th Edition

Subject-Specific Writing

Job Search Writing

APA Formatting and Style Guide

MLA Formatting and Style Guide

Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition