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Online Tutoring


Students, if you have arrived at this Web page after clicking "Tutoring" in your Blackboard course, please click the following link:
More information about this service is provided below. 

Online Tutoring

Along with free drop-in assistance provided in the Jackson and Macon Learning Assistance Center (LAC) and scheduled via the Tutor Program, each SCC student is given 240 minutes per semester and summer session of online assistance, provided by ThinkingStorm (TS). The Online Tutoring goal is similar to that of the above-mentioned SCC Learning Assistance options: TS’s highly trained and qualified tutors help students to build skills, understand new material, and develop confidence as they pursue educational success. 

How do I access TS?

SCC students must access and use this free service by clicking on the “Tutoring” button in any Blackboard course. Note that using TS in any other way might result in charges for a student.

Whom do I contact with questions?

For more information or to report problems with this free service, please contact the Learning Assistance Coordinator: tknott[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu; 838.339.4325.

What type of help is available?

ThinkingStorm (TS) provides assistance for the purpose of skill development and not for the purpose of homework completion. Help is offered for the following subjects:

•    Mathematics (drop-in)
•    Sciences (drop-in)
•    Writing (submissions to Writing Lab and by appointment)
•    Business (by appointment)
•    Computing and Software (by appointment)
•    Spanish (by appointment)

Appointments are not required for drop-in tutoring subjects, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Will tutors give me answers?

No! As is the case with Consultants/tutors in Jackson and Macon Learning Assistance Centers and Tutor Program, TS tutors will not provide answers but instead will assist students to learn and improve skills so that they are able to complete their work successfully. Tutors provide feedback, reminders, examples, and encouragement; however, students are required to perform the work and figure answers. Regarding essay submissions, students will receive a positive response with tips to improve their writing. Also, the tutor will add notes and questions throughout the paper; students are responsible for making any changes before turning in written assignments to their instructors for credit. At the same time, the Macon and Jackson LACs also provide assistance with understanding TS reports.

For More Information or Assistance

SCC Learning Assistance Coordinator
Oaks Hall, Room 101A
828.339.4325 or 800.447.4091, x4325