Inter-Library Loan Services (ILL)

  • It is essential that ILL patrons take special care of borrowed books from ILL participating libraries. Please promptly return materials. Contact the librarian about renewals, because not all libraries offer extended periods.
  • An interlibrary Loan (ILL) allows users to check out books and articles that are not owned by the SCC Library, but are available from another library’s collection. The books are delivered to Holt Library, and we contact the patron to pick up the items. Currently, SCC does not charge for this service.
  • Registered library users who have no overdue checkouts on their account are allowed to borrow books or articles by Interlibrary Loan.
  • The two Interlibrary Loan services are: 
    • CCLINC: books from CCLINC community college libraries
    • OCLC: books from all types of libraries: nationwide borrowing
  • Always search for Southwestern holdings first! If a book is not available at Southwestern, then search CCLINC using the “All Libraries” setting, as follows.
  • No more than 2 items per person can be borrowed on ILL at one time.
  • Contact a librarian to make an interlibrary loan request. Renewals are granted by asking permission of the lending library prior to due date.
  • If ILL books are lost or damaged, the user will be billed for the replacement cost, and their library account must be cleared prior to receiving grades or transcripts, or registering for any classes at SCC.
How To “Place A Hold” on books in CCLINC:
  1. Login to MySCC, select Library Tab, then the CCLINC tab.
  2. Scroll down through the CCLINC libraries and choose Southwestern Community College. The next screen is the SCC Library Catalog.
  3. On the Library Catalog search screen, enter keywords, author, title, or subject to search. Be creative and rephrase your search if there are no hits, or get help from a librarian. If books are NOT available at Southwestern, then repeat the search with “Libraries” set to “All”.
  4. In the result list, click the “Details” button beside the title you wish to borrow. Verify that this is the correct item.
  5. Click “Place Hold” at top left corner of this screen.
  6. On the “Place Hold” screen:
  7. Type in your User ID#. 
  8. That’s the numbers (no letters) on your Library/I.D. Card barcode. 
  9. Example: 232420000_ _ _ _ _
  10.  Type in your PIN #
  11. (last 4 digits of Student/Faculty Colleague ID #)
  12. Click the “Place Hold” button, then on the screen that follows, click “OK”.

Interlibrary loans usually arrive by mail in 5 to 10 business days. 

Anyone may ask library staff for help to “place hold” requests in CCLINC. 
Experienced users can place their own book requests online! 
  • User must be registered and in good standing to request from WorldCat libraries.
  • Books: If you need a book for research purposes, and cannot find it in any CCLINC library, the next step is to search in, (the largest worldwide database of over 9,000 library catalogs), listing over 1 billion holdings. Contact the Librarian about items needed from WorldCat.
  • Articles: If you need an article for research purposes, give the complete citation to the librarian by phone, email or in person. Articles requested in this way become property of the borrower, and the copy is for individual use according to federal copyright laws.