Tutor Program

Tutor Program



To be recognized as a valuable academic support service among faculty, staff and students at Southwestern Community College.


The Tutor Program at Southwestern Community College is an academic support system designed to help curriculum students achieve success by providing high quality tutorial assistance to meet their academic needs. Our mission seeks to encourage and facilitate independent learning and critical thinking skills that can help students be successful in their current educational pursuits, academic tenure, and future careers. 


  • Offer high-quality academic tutorial support
  • Improve student retention, reduce course withdrawal/failure rates, and achieve a minimum 70% success rate in the courses in which students receive tutoring
  • Create a learning environment that presents material according to students’ learning needs and styles, helps boost student self-confidence, and demonstrates a positive attitude toward learning
  • Reinforce and clarify classroom instruction and textbook lessons to enhance students’ understanding of course material
  • Provide opportunities to develop and improve study strategies
  • Engage students in their learning and present tutorial support in a manner that helps them achieve the necessary skills to become more independent, self-directed, and successful individuals
  • Establish a safe, engaging environment that promotes student achievement and academic excellence

Program Objectives

SCC’s Tutor Program objectives are aligned with those of the College—to provide effective services that will promote student achievement and academic excellence; to offer valuable tutorial assistance through competent, qualified tutors who create an environment that is encouraging and focuses on not only what to learn but incorporates how to learn; to provide beneficial academic support that positively affects retention and persistence toward graduation or university transfer.

SCC’s Tutor Program Challenge: To actively engage students in their learning and to tutor students in such a manner that they eventually become confident, independent learners who no longer require the assistance of a tutor.

Tutor Program Supervisor 
Oaks Hall, Room 101 
828.339.4304 or 800.447.4091, x4304