Business Administration-Electronic Commerce, Certificate

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Electronic Commerce is a concentration under the title of Business Administration. This curriculum is designed to prepare individuals for a career in the Internet economy.

Course work includes topics related to electronic business, Internet strategy in business, basic business principles in the world of E-Commerce. Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to identify and analyze such functional issues as planning, technical systems, marketing, security, finance, law, design, implementation, assessment and policy issues at an entry level.

If you already have a college degree or business skills, you may choose to pursue a Business Administration - Electronic Commerce certificate. SCC offers the six courses required for the certificate over the Internet, a convenient format for many students. Further, the certificate course requirements earn credit toward an associate’s degree in the program.

Gainful Employment Disclosure for this program.

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Prefix Number Title Class Lab Clinical Credit
ECM 168 Electronic Business 2 2 0 3
ECM 210 Introduction to Electronic Commerce 2 2 0 3
ECM 220 E-Commerce Planning & Implementation 2 2 0 3
WEB 110 Internet/Web Fundamentals   2 2 0 3
WEB 111 Introduction to Web Graphics 2 2 0 3
WEB 140 Web Development Tools 2 2 0 3
    Totals 12 12 0 18

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CERT 2512I
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