Program of Study

HST - Human Services Technology, AAS


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Fall Semester 1

Prefix Number Title Class Lab Clinical Credit
ACA 111 College Student Success 1 0 0 1
HSE 110  Introduction to Human Services
HSE 123  Interviewing Techniques 2
PSY 150  General Psychology
SAB 110  Substance Abuse Overview
SAB 137 Codependency 3 0 0 3
    Totals 14 16

Spring Semester 1

ENG 111 Writing & Inquiry 3 0 0 3
HSE 210 Human Services Issues 2 0 0 2
HSE 225 Crisis Intervention 3 0 0 3
PSY 241 Developmental Psychology 3 0 0 3
SOC 210 Introduction to Sociology 3 0 0 3
Choose one of the following:        
GRO 120 Gerontology 3 0 0 3
HSE 227 Children & Adolescents in Crisis 3 0 0 3
    Totals 17 0 0 17

Summer Semester 1

ENG 114 Professional Research and Reporting 3 0 0 3
HUM 115 Critical Thinking 3 0 0 3
MAT 143 Quantitative Literacy 2 2 0 3
    Totals 8 2 0 9

Fall Semester 2

COM 231 Public Speaking 3 0 0 3
HSE 112 Group Process I 1 2 0 2
HSE 125 Counseling 2 2 0 3
HSE 240 Issues in Client Services 3 0 0 3
SOC 213 Sociology of the Family 3 0 0 3
    Totals 12 4 0 14

Spring Semester 2

BIO 163 Basic Anatomy & Physiology 4 2 0 5
WBL 111 Work-Based Learning I 0 0 10 1
WBL 115 Work-Based Seminar II 1 0 0 1
HEA 110 Personal Health and Wellness 3 0 0 3
HSE 220 Case Management 3 0 0 3
SWK 110 Introduction to Social Work 3 0 0 3
    Totals 14 2 10 16

Admission criteria for Human Services Technology and Human Services Technology - Substance Abuse:

It is important that all potential applicants for the Human Services and Substance Abuse Treatment programs understand the admissions process. Please review carefully the information regarding minimum requirements and other pertinent information.

The applicant must:

  1. If you are not currently enrolled at SCC, complete an application to the college. Designate Human Services Technology AAS Degree (A45380) as the program of interest. If you are a current student, see Admissions to complete a change of major form if you wish to apply to the program.
  2. Be a high school graduate or have earned a high school equivalency diploma (GED).  Exception: current high school students
  3. Submit official copies of all transcripts (high school and college). Transcripts must be sent directly from the institution. It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all necessary records are sent to the College Admissions Office.
  4. Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale on the most recent academic transcript with ten semester hours completed excluding developmental courses.
  5. Meet the Southwestern Community College Placement Test requirement. This may be met by one of the following methods:
    1. Take and pass the basic components of the Computerized Placement Test. These consist of algebra, arithmetic, reading comprehension, grammar and basic computer skills. The test is administered several times each week on the Jackson and Macon Campuses and is free of charge. To schedule a test session, contact Testing Services at 828.339.4332. If you do not pass the basic components of the placement test, you must enroll in and successfully complete the appropriate developmental coursework prior to entering the program. If you are unsuccessful in achieving the appropriate cut-off scores in any component of the test, please see the academic retest policy.
    2. Appropriate SAT or ACT scores and successful completion of high school or college computer literacy course within the past six years. See admissions section for additional details.
    3. Provide an official high school transcript indicating graduation within the last five years with a minimum unweighted GPA of 2.6 and completion of a "fourth math" beyond Algebra II.
    4. Successful completion of a college-level math, algebra, English and computer literacy course.
6.  Complete a writing sample and email to l_clancy[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu, prior to interview with Program Director. To obtain the topic for writing sample, email l_clancy[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu
7.  Complete the Gordon Personal Profile Inventory ($25 fee) through the testing center prior to the interview with the Program Director.
8.  Complete interview with the program coordinator. Interviewed applicants who have not been assigned a space in the program will be placed on a waiting list. Should space become available, the next applicant on the list will be contacted for admission to the program. 
9.  All candidates need to complete their interviews with the Program Director prior to May 22, 2017 for admission to the program in the Fall 2017 semester. An email will be sent by May 24th 2017 confirming admission. For the Spring 2018 semester, all applicants must complete their interviews by November 30, 2017. Emails will be sent by December 7th, 2017 for confirmation of acceptance to the program.


  1. Applicants are responsible for submitting all the necessary records to the Admissions Office.
  2. All students admitted into a health science program may be required, by clinical or work-based site, to submit to a criminal background check and/or drug testing, prior to, or during clinical education coursework. The results of these tests could affect the student’s ability to progress in the program.
  3. All students completing a health science program may be required, by an external testing agency, to submit to a criminal background check and/or drug test prior to a state or national licensing/certification board approving the graduate to sit for licensure/certification exams.



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Lori Clancy
Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse Concentration/Program Coordinator
800.447.4092, ext. 4397
Human Services Technology/Substance Abuse Treatment Clinical Coordinator
800.447.4092, ext. 4319