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Medical Assisting, AAS


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Fall Semester 1
Prefix Number Title Class Lab Clinical Credit
ACA 111 College Student Success 1 0 0 1
BIO 163  Basic Anatomy and Physiology I 0
ENG 111  Writing & Inquiry 0
MED 110  Orientation to Medical Assisting 0
MED 118  Medical Law and Ethics 0
MED 121  Medical Terminology I 0
MED 130  Administrative Office Procedures I - 1st session 0
MED 131  Administrative Office Procedures II - 2nd session
    Totals 16 6 0 19
Spring Semester 1
MAT 143  Quantitative Literacy
MED 122  Medical Terminology II
MED 140  Exam Room Procedures I
MED 150  Laboratory Procedures I
    Totals 11 10 16
Summer Semester 1
ENG 114  Professional Research & Reporting
MED 276  Patient Education 1 2 0 2
MED 270  Symptomatology
    Totals 6 4 8
Fall Semester 2
MED 232 Medical Insurance Coding 1 3 0 2
MED 240 Exam Room Procedures II 3 4 0 5
MED 272 Drug Therapy 3 0 0 3
NUT 110 Introduction to Nutrition 3 0 0 3
    Totals 10 7 0 13
Spring Semester 2
MED 260  MED Clinical Practicum 15 
MED 262  Clinical Perspectives
MED 264  Medical Assisting Overview
PSY 150  General Psychology
HUM 115 Critical Thinking
    Totals 9 0 15  14


The program has a limited enrollment and only admits a class in the fall of each year. Applications and supporting documents listed in Phase I below must be completed and submitted by April 1 of the calendar year in which the student wishes to enroll in the program. If all slots have not been filled after the above deadline, there may be extensions to the deadline. Please check with the Admissions Office about the status of the program.

PHASE I - To be completed by April 1
The applicant must:

  1. If you are not currently enrolled at SCC complete an application to the college. Designate Medical Assisting AAS Degree (A45400) as the program of interest. If you are a current student, see Admissions to complete a change of major form if you wish to apply to the program.
  2. Be a high school graduate or have earned a high school equivalency diploma (GED). Exception: current high school students
  3. Submit official copies of all transcripts (high school and college). Transcripts must be sent directly from the institution. It is the responsibility of the applicant to assure that all necessary records are sent to the College’s Admissions Office.
  4. Have a grade point average of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale of the most recent academic transcript (high school or postsecondary).
  5. Meet the Southwestern Community College placement requirements. This may be met by one of the following:
    a. High school GPA of 2.8 or higher within the past 10 years
    b. High school GPA of 2.2-2.79 within the past 10 years: student will be eligible for admission after successful completion of ENG 111 and MAT 143 and their corresponding corequisites. This is a required corequisite for the program.
    c. High school GPA of below 2.2 within the past 10 years: student will be eligible for admission after completion of required transition English and math courses.
    d. High school graduation prior to the past 10 years: student will be eligible for Phase II of the selective admission process after successful completion of the RISE placement test or the required transition English and math courses.

  6. It is recommended that the applicant spend observation time in a medical assisting environment.
  7. Take the TEAS - Allied Health exam. The TEAS - Allied Health Exam must have been taken within the past three years and may only be taken once per academic year. This is not a pass or fail test. It is used to measure your potential to be successful in the program.  For more information, visit 

Those individuals who have completed all parts of Phase I by the appropriate deadlines will be scheduled for a personal interview. Applicants will be notified of date and time.

Those individuals who are notified of acceptance status will be provided with SCC health forms to be completed by the appropriate medical personnel. The completed medical forms must indicate that you are capable of meeting the physical requirements for the program. The deadline for submitting the completed forms to the program director is August 1.


  1. Applicants are responsible for submitting all the necessary records to the Registrar's Office.
  2. Applications must be updated annually by applicants who were not accepted the previous year.
  3. Applicants may take non-medical assisting, general education and related coursework prior to being accepted into the program.
  4. All students admitted into a health science program will be required to submit to a criminal background check and drug testing prior to enrollment each academic year.  The results of these tests could affect the student’s ability to progress in the program.
  5. All students completing a health science program may be required, by an external testing agency, to submit to a criminal background check and/or drug test prior to a state or national licensing/certification board approving the graduate to sit for licensure/certification exams.
The Southwestern Community College’s Associate Degree Medical Assisting program is accredited by the commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs ( upon the recommendation of the Medical Assisting Education 
Review Board (MAERB).
Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)
25400 US Highway 19 North, Suite 158
Clearwater, FL 33763
phone: 727.210.2350  |  website:
Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB)
20 N. Wacker Drive, Suite 1575
Chicago, IL 60606
phone: 800.228.2262  |  website:

Graduates of the 2-year Associate Degree Program may take the national AAMA certification examination to become a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA). The examination is offered online at various testing centers. Scheduling information may be obtained from the AAMA website at

Exam Passage:
The Medical Assisting program has an exam pass rate of 75% average over the past five years.

Job Placement:
For 2018, 100% of the Medical Assisting graduates were working in the field. 




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Medical Assisting Program Coordinator/Instructor
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