Program of Study

Nursing Assistant, Certificate, CCP


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Fall Semester 1  
Prefix Number Title Class Lab Clinical Credit
NAS 101 Nursing Assistant I 3 4 3 6
NAS 106 Geriatrics 2 0 0 3
    TOTALS 5 4 3 9
Spring Semester 1
NAS 102 Nursing Assistant II 3 2 6 6
NAS 103 Home Health Care 2 0 0 2
    TOTALS 5 4 6 8

Total Credit: 17

Award: Certificate

Admissions Criteria

All applicants must:

  • complete an application to the college and program
  • meet the Southwestern Community College Placement Test requirement for reading comprehension with a passage score of 55 or greater
  • The test is administered on the Jackson and Macon Campuses free of charge. To schedule a test session, contact Testing Services at ext. 4332. If you are unsuccessful in achieving the appropriate cut-off scores, please see the academic retest policy
  • All applicants must be able to meet all Technical Standards required of the program. Those Standards are as follows:
    - Lift  up to 50 pounds routinely
    - Able to reach, bend, and stoop often
    - Able to push and pull routinely
    - Have full use of both hands, wrists and shoulders
    - Distinguish audible sounds
    - Able to distinguish colors correctly
    - Work standing on the feet 80 percent of the time
    - Interact compassionately and effectively with the sick and injured
    - Communicate effectively with patients and other health care professionals

The Nursing Assistant Certificate has limited enrollment. Students will be accepted into the courses based on application submission date and meeting the college testing requirement. 

Any student interested in completing Nursing Assistant courses outside of the certificate program, please visit SCC Continuing Education for information.

Progression Criteria
In order to progress to the Spring Semester, all students must:

  • Be currently licensed as a Certified Nursing Assistant I with the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation with no substantiated findings of abuse, neglect or misappropriation of resident property.
  • Must have a current American Heart Association CPR certification that must remain current through clinical rotation.

Clinical Education
Clinical education will be provided at cooperating hospitals or health care facilities within the area served by the College. Transportation and associated expenses are the sole responsibility of the student.


  1. Applications must be updated annually by applicants who were not accepted the previous year.
  2. All students admitted into a health sciences program may be required by a clinical site to submit to a criminal background check and/or drug testing prior to or during clinical education coursework. The results of these test could affect the student's ability to progress in the program.
  3. All students completing a health sciences program may be required, by an external testing agency, to submit to a criminal background check and/or drug test prior to a state or national licensing/certification board approving the graduate to sit for licensure/certification exams.

revised 6/13/14



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