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Last updated 11/7/10


September 1, 2004
Institutional Research and Planning Office

Section I: College Mission
Section II: Accomplishments for 2003-2004
Section III: Planning Assumptions for 2004-2005
Section IV: Institutional Priorities for 2004-2005
Section V: Planning Outcomes Documents
Appendix I: NC Community College System 2003-05 Goals and Objectives
Appendix II: College Diversity Plan
Appendix III: College Technology Plan Update
Appendix IV: Performance Measure Results


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This document is designed to serve as both a reporting mechanism and a guide for planning and institutional effectiveness activities at Southwestern Community College. As a result, this report addresses both the major 2003-2004 planning and institutional effectiveness activities of Southwestern Community College, as well as the anticipated plans for the 2004-2005 year. Consequently, this report also serves as both an institutional effectiveness plan and a strategic plan. Four major activities dominate this year’s report:

· the leadership role of the institution in an effort to address the critical need in the college service area for high-speed Internet access at a cost comparable to urban areas of the state,
· the efforts of the institution to address its current and future facility needs throughout the college’s three county service area,
· the continuation of a major student retention effort by the college, designed to address those issues impacting retention at the college and to implement effective strategies for increasing student success and ultimately, the student retention rate, and
· the designation of Southwestern as a Superior Institution by the North Carolina Community College System as a result of the college’s success in meeting the 2003-04 Performance Measures and Standards.

It should be noted that while the primary focus of this document is on institutional planning activities, the Planning/Outcomes Documents included in Section V specifically address both the accomplishments for 2003-2004 and plans for 2004-2005 on a departmental or programmatic basis.

It should also be noted that the goals and priorities of the college were compared to those for the North Carolina Community College System. This reason for this comparison was to ensure that the goals and priorities of Southwestern are consistent with those of the System. The analysis indicated the college’s goals and priorities were compatible with those of the North Carolina Community College System. A copy of the System’s goals and objectives is included in Appendix I.

Finally, it should be noted that this report serves as the primary reference for the planning and institutional effectiveness activities of the college. The ultimate purpose of these activities is to assist the college in charting a course of action to meet the educational, cultural and economic development needs of its three-county service area (Jackson, Macon and Swain counties).

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