Student Support Services

Cultural Enrichment


We offer a variety of cultural and enrichment activities designed to improve participant's academic and experiential background as well as enhance self-concept and leadership skills.

Cultural Enrichment Activities are free and open to all program participants, however seating is limited so students are encouraged to sign up early. If necessary, SSS staff reserves the right to decline students from participating in cultural enrichment events.

Should students sign up for a cultural enrichment event and later discover they are not able to attend, notification to the SSS Office is required. Any student who signs up and does not show up, without previous notice, will be required to sit-out the next cultural enrichment event.

2014-2015 Programming

On June 25, 2015 Student Support Services went on a canoeing trip to Cedar Cliff Lake. We will offer additional outdoor adventures during the fall and spring semesters.

2012-2013 Programming

Rafting on the Tuck - Friday, Aug 31 and Friday, Sept 7.

2011-2012 Programming:

Thursday, September 15  -  Lazoom Comedy Tour                           

Thursday, October 27  -  Shakespeare on Trial                                       

Thursday, November 17  -  The Rivalry   

Thursday, January  19  -  The DePue Brothers Band

Thursday, March 22  -  SagaPool