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Academic Advising - Placement Test Resources

This page is designed to provide SCC advising faculty and staff with the tools needed to ensure students are placed into appropriate courses based on their method of placement which may include test results.  Please use the following pdfs as advising resources.  Feel free to contact Jody Woodring at 828.339.4332 or j_woodring[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu if you have any further questions in regards to the use of these materials. 
Use the NC_DAP Placement Guide / CPT Transition Guide to determine academic placement if the student has taken the NC_DAP or the previous version of Accuplacer placement testing.
Use the SAT/ACT ASSET/COMPASS/PSAT/PLAN placement guide to determine academic placement if the student has submitted other forms of testing.
Review math course prerequisite requirements for SCC Math curriculum courses:
Math Course Prerequisites
Course Math Prereqs Other Prereqs
MAT-110 DMA-010 - DMA-030 None
MAT-121 DMA-010 - DMA-060 None
MAT-143 DMA-010 - DMA-050 DRE-098 prereq or
DRE-099 coreq
MAT-141 DMA-010 - DMA-060 DRE-098 prereq or
DRE-099 coreq
MAT-152 DMA-010 - DMA-050 DRE-098 prereq or
DRE-099 coreq
MAT-171 DMA-010 - DMA-080 or MAT-121
MAT-172 DMA-010 - DMA-080 and qualifying CLM Test Score - 60-89 or MAT-171
MAT-271 DMA-010 - DMA-080 and qualifying CLM Test Score - 90 or MAT-172

Review the SCC Retest Policy to determine when or if a student is eligible for retesting:
  • ​NC-DAP testing is valid for five (5) calendar years.  Previous versions of Accuplacer testing are valid for three (3) calendar years.  During this time period students can retest once per year if they meet the following criteria:
    • Score above one hundred and sixteen (116) composite score on the NC-DAP English, Reading and Essay test, and/or score a seven (7) or above on two (2) of the six (6) DMA Math test sections.
  • Prior to retesting a student must complete one of the following:
    • Schedule and attend a Test Prep Session in the relevant area of study (English and/or Math) offered via Educational Opportunities (Phone: 828.339.4272)
    • Long distance students must access the free online College Board NC-DAP web based study app and complete relevant subject specific practice tests.  Completion of practice tests must be verified prior to retesting.  
    • Early College and/or Career & College Promise (CCP) students must successfully complete a High School English and/or Math class with a C or better after initial placement test.  Course grade must be verified prior to retesting. 

Review the North Carolina Multiple Measures policy to determine if a student should qualify for the GPA Waiver for placement testing.