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Academic Advising - Placement Guide

Please review the following information in regards to course placement based on placement test guidelines for Southwestern Community College:

Accuplacer Placement Testing

Basic Computer Skills
Basic Computer Skills score of 49% or less places student into CIS-070
Basic Computer Skills score of 50% or greater places student into CIS-110 or CIS-111

English Placement
Reading Comprehension + Sentence Skills Score = DRE Placement
Scores: 40-71 = Educational Opportunities
Scores: 72-91 = DRE 096
Scores: 92-128 = DRE 097
Scores: 129-165 = DRE 098

*Accelerated Option:
Scores: 146-165 = DRE-098 and ENG-111
  • Students that pass DRE-097 proceed to DRE-098 not DRE-099 / ENG-111.
  • Students that pass DRE-098 proceed to ENG-111 not DRE-099 / ENG-111.
  • Accelerated option is recommended for students who feel ready to take English 111 along with the support of DRE 099.
  • Multiple Measures: Students with a GPA of 2.6-3.0 must enroll in DRE-099 and ENG-111.
  • New Diagnostic Reading / English tests will be implemented May 2014 with a new scoring matrix. Communication of these scores and requirements will be made. 

Math Placement
Old MAT 060 = New DMA 010,020,030
Old MAT 070 = New DMA 040,050
Old MAT 080 = New DMA 060,070,080

*Diagnostic Testing will also be implemented and results directly correlate to the modules that are needed.  A score of a 7 or above is considered to be successful in each individual DMA placement test. 

*When registering a student remember to use DMS “Shells” for the number of developmental modules that are needed.  A student can register up to five DMS Shells in one semester. (Ex: 3+2=5)  This is recommended if the student needs five DMS Shells or more.  (Please encourage student.)

*Refer a student to Darlene Anderson (Oaks G-5, Ext. 4361) with Educational Opportunities if the student scores a 1 on DMA 010 and was not able to achieve a 7 or above on any other DMA placement. 

Note: Students who have an NC or a CC for a DMA or for MAT 60, 70, or 80, should proceed to the next module or subsequent curriculum course in their program.  Also note that a student may not register for the same DMS “Shell” more than one time if the student received a passing grade on that same shell. For example, a student cannot register for DMS 001 in Spring 2014 if that student was enrolled in DMS 001 in the fall and passed the course. Exceptions can be made by contacting Darlene Anderson at ext. 4361 or by email.

Math Placement Guidelines
CPT NC_DAP Old MAT Curriculum New MAT Curriculum Math Prereqs Other Prereqs
Below 55 Below 7 MAT-060 DMA-010 DMA-010  
DMA-020 DMA-010  
DMA-030 DMA-020  
Below 55 Below 7 MAT-070 DMA-040 DMA-030  
DMA-050 DMA-040  
Below 55 Below 7 MAT-080 DMA-060 DMA-050  
DMA-070 DMA-060  
DMA-080 DMA-070  
      MAT-001 GPA Waiver (2.6-3.0GPA)  
55 7 MAT-110 MAT-110 (In Development) DMA-010 - DMA-030  
55 7 MAT-115 Gone    
55 7 MAT-121 MAT-121 DMA-010 - DMA-060  
55 7 MAT-140 MAT-143 DMA-010 - DMA-050 DRE-098 Prereq or DRE-099 Coreq
75 7 MAT-141 MAT-141 DMA-010 - DMA-060 DRE-098 Prereq or DRE-099 Coreq
75 7 MAT-151 MAT-152 DMA-010 - DMA-050 DRE-098 Prereq or DRE-099 Coreq
75 7 MAT-161 Gone    
75 7 MAT-165 Gone    
75 7 MAT-171 MAT-171 DMA-010 - DMA-080 Or Mat-121
85 7 MAT-162 Gone    
85 7 MAT-172 MAT-172 DMA-010 - DMA-080 and qualifying CLM Test Score - TBD Or Mat-171
96 7 MAT-175 Gone    
96 7 MAT-271 MAT-271 DMA-010 - DMA-080 and qualifying CLM Test Score - TBD Or Mat-172

Other Placement Guidelines
Assessment Minimum Score Required - May use a combination of assessments or testing dates
ASSET Reading = 41 Writing = 41 Numerical Skills = 41 Intermediate Algebra = 41, 49, 50 or 52 (depending on math course)
COMPASS Reading = 81 Writing = 70 Pre-algegra = 47 Algebra = 47, 66, 72 or 79 (depending on math course)
SAT Reading = 500+ Writing = 500+ Math = 500+
ACT Reading 22 English  = 18 Math = 22