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Placement Test Review
It pays to prepare for the placement test.
  • Save Money!  Studying may help you skip one or more basic math or writing classes.
  • More course options! Some courses have a prerequisite, which means you must meet minimum score to register for the course. Some programs require minimum scores before you can enroll.
  • Start college successfully! Accurate scores will place you into courses that are neither too easy nor too difficult.

Students are strongly encouraged to prepare before taking the placement exams. Several options for test preparation are available. 

Free Accuplacer Prep Sessions Offered by SCC
Intensive test prep assistance is provided by the Educational Opportunities Department and available in SMART Labs located at each SCC Campus. Sessions are designed to be a “refresher” for students wanting to prepare for the placement tests. Lab sessions are divided into Reading/English and Math.

Prep session data indicates that we have a 85% success rate for subject improvement. Reading scores improved 7.4%, Sentence Skills scores improved 6.7%, Arithmetic scores improved 26.7%, and Elementary Algebra scores improved 16.1%.  Overall, 38.1% of students were able to meet college entry level subject benchmarks to avoid taking developmental level courses.

Completion of a test prep session is mandatory for students wanting to retake the placement test(s). Students preparing to take the placement test for the first time are also encouraged to attend prep sessions. To register for a free Accuplacer Prep Session, contact Crystal Snover at 828.339.4272.

Resources for Placement Testing Preparation
Please use the recommended resources listed below for review and preparation for the Accuplacer placement tests:

Basic Computer Skills
  • Please click here to access the Basic Computer Skills Placement Guide
Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills
• To access review materials please visit Google, and search for “Accuplacer practice”.
• Review sample questions from the College Board.
• Review and purchase the Accuplacer iPhone Study App (for Reading Comprehension and Sentence Skills)
  • Watch the video demonstration for the study app here.

Diagnostic Math (NC-DAP)
• Review Diagnostic sample questions from the College Board.
• Review and purchase the Accuplacer Web-Based Study App, which offers practice tests aligned to the NC Community College System (NCCCS) Developmental Math Curriculum
• The Introductory Algebra Review MOOC covers the first five modules of the developmental math curriculum established by the North Carolina Community College System. Students may enroll directly in the MOOC free of charge on the udacity website.
  • C​​lick here for instructions on accessing the free online introductory Algebra review.
• Watch free online Khan Academy tutorial videos related to the Diagnostic Math test. Each link takes you to a math video review.  
  • Click here for Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra  
  • Click here for Algebra 
• Watch free online Virtual Nerd tutorial videos related to the Diagnostic Math test.  Each link takes you to a math video review.   
  • Click here for Pre-Algebra 
  • Click here for Algebra 1 

Other Resources / Study Guides