Tutor Program

How It Works


The ultimate goal of tutoring at Southwestern Community College is to help students become independent learners. 

Tutor Program Supervisor 
Oaks Hall, Room 101 
828.339.4304 or 800.447.4091, x4304
CRLA Internationally Certified Program 
The tutoring program at Southwestern Community College is an internationally certified program through the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).  
SCC’s Tutor Program offers tutorial assistance to students enrolled in curriculum classes. Tutoring is available at no cost to students and is provided in one-on-one or small group sessions. This program offers valuable academic assistance through competent, qualified peer and non-peer tutors who strive to encourage student motivation and achievement, and promote academic excellence.  
Tutoring is offered at SCC for a number of reasons: to provide supportive academic services for students; to reduce classroom failure rates; to improve student retention; to develop effective study strategies; to serve as refresher sessions for students who are academically strong, but have forgotten basic curriculum principles; to develop a positive attitude toward learning; to improve self-confidence; and to increase students’ understanding of subject material and course concepts. Tutors can play a vital role in helping students achieve these goals.  
Student Support Service Tutoring 
Provides tutoring for students who are currently enrolled in the Student Support Services Program (SSS) and have met the eligibility guidelines. Tutors are paid from funds provided by the Title IV Grant. The goal of this tutoring program is to provide one-on-one assistance. In exceptional situations, tutoring sessions may be established where the tutor will be working with more than one student. Small groups will be kept to a 1-3 tutor/tutee ratio. SSS students may receive up to 5 hours of tutoring each week.
College and Perkins Eligible Tutoring  
This program provides tutoring for students enrolled in curriculum courses at Southwestern Community College. Tutoring sessions are usually in small groups, but can also be individual. SCC students may receive up to 4 hours of tutoring each week. 

When to Apply for a Tutor:
  • Tutor Sign Up begins two weeks after classes begin.
    Example: Classes begin on Monday, August 17. First day to request a tutor will be: Monday, August 31.
  • Apply for a tutor early in the semester or as soon as you feel you may need some additional assistance with course material.
  • Students can apply for a tutor through the 12th week of classes.
    Example: Classes end on Tuesday, December 15. Last day to request a tutor will be: Tuesday, November 17.
How to Apply for a Tutor:
  • Jackson Campus: Stop by the Student Support Services (SSS) office, ground floor of Oaks Hall
      - Ask for an Application to Request a Tutor; complete and submit.
  • Macon Campus: stop by the Learning Assistance Center (MLAC).
      - Ask for an Application to Request a Tutor; complete and submit.
  • Online – SCC Website:
      - Access the application to Request a Tutor from the SCC Website; complete and submit
Tutorial Sessions:
  • One hour sessions, two times a week are most beneficial (other arrangements are possible)
  • Tutoring sessions are generally held:
          - Monday through Thursday: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
          - Friday: 8 a.m. to 12 noon
  • Tutoring is provided in individual or small group sessions; individual sessions are not guaranteed.
Missed Sessions
Students will lose this form of tutoring during the semester if they exceed the following absences*:
  • Three (3) excused absences. Excused absences can be rescheduled if the tutor and student are able to coordinate. If a session is rescheduled, the excused absence is removed.         
  • Two (2) unexcused absences; Unexcused absences cannot be rescheduled and include:
    • Not showing up
    • Arriving more than 15 minutes late
    • Cancelling less than 2 hours before your scheduled time
*Extenuating circumstances may be considered for excused absences