Upward Bound

Upward Bound Student Comments

What students had to say about being a part of the Southwestern Community College Upward Bound Program:
“Upward Bound has helped me get through all of my classes and has provided a lot of extra academics like the PSAT and SAT preparation. Not only has it helped me with school, but with meeting new people.” – Joby

“Upward Bound has made me realize my goal in life to go to college and do well. From the time I started UB, my grades have improved drastically.” – Jesse

“Upward Bound has helped me make new friends from other schools. I have had better grades since I joined and have learned how to do many things I did not have the courage to do before.” – Stephen

“Upward Bound has helped me to realize which colleges appeal to me the most. Also, tutoring has helped me make it through some of my hardest classes.” – Brandy

“I don’t think I have ever had such friends that I can come talk to about anything at any time.” – Angel

“In the future, Upward Bound will most certainly help me choose the right college, assist me in the application process, and will look great on my application too! I’m very lucky to be in this program.” Justin

“Upward Bound will help me go further than I ever expected to go.” 
– Jesse

“I believe Upward Bound will leave me with strong ties to a large group of outstanding people. This will make my future much brighter.” – Sabine

“With the help of Upward Bound, I will be able to succeed and live up to my fullest potential. My future looks bright because UB has been there for me.” – Emily

I want to be a veterinarian when I grow up and this (work study) helped me a lot. I want to do this job more now than ever before and I hope this sticks with me. – Jessica

I love this program and the people in it. – Keri

I’ve made lasting friendships and everlasting memories; what more could I have asked for? – Emily

I learned that there are ways to have fun even when you are doing things that should not be fun. - Jessica

I think UB has really opened my eyes to new and exciting opportunities. Also, I have seen how it has been a great boost towards getting into college. – Quintin