Upward Bound

Upward Bound Student Comments

What students had to say about being a part of the Southwestern Community College Upward Bound Program:
“Upward Bound is a great program that helps shape young adults into productive college attending members of society.  It not only financially helps students but it makes the students into positive citizens.”  Kristina
“Upward Bound is an amazing adventure.”  Autumn
“Upward Bound is the best thing to happen to me!  It has allowed me to make so many friends and helped me become a better person overall.”  Megan
“Upward Bound helps you to achieve in school.”  Jacob
“Upward Bound is a great experience and I recommend it.”  Christian
“I would be lost without Upward Bound helping me with high school and college preparation.”  Heather
“Upward Bound has made me into the person I am today and has helped me in ways I could have never imagined.  I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for my advisors.”  Rachel
“Upward Bound is awesome and literally I enjoy every minute of it and I love Annette, Cheryl and Erica.”  Chloe
“Upward Bound is an amazing experience; having information on college is crucial.”  Cassy
“Upward Bound is a great program to be a part of.  The reason I think Upward Bound is so great is because it allows you to have so many awesome opportunities for yourself.  It helps you have great confidence in yourself and helps you open up.  Oh, and IT’S FUN!” Kayla
“Upward Bound to me is an opportunity of a lifetime.  It’s opening new doors for me and leading me to a better future.”  Alysia
“Exploration of courage and confidence in ourselves is what Upward Bound is.”  Kylie