How to Prepare for Advising

Registering for Courses
If you still haven’t chosen your future career and major, please visit the Career Center.
If you have chosen your career and future major, please read the following instructions.
The Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) is an agreement between North Carolina Community Colleges and state colleges/universities: it outlines which community college courses will be accepted when students transfer to state colleges/universities.
In addition, each state college/university in North Carolina has a “pathway” – a plan based in part on the CAA – for which courses a community college student should take and will transfer to that particular college or university.  These plans, organized by major, are necessary guides when it comes to choosing which community college classes to take. The plans denote which classes you can take at a community college, and which courses you will need to take at that college/university – after you transfer. Students must use these plans when doing academic planning and when registering for classes.
Click on the steps below. Start with Step 1, and complete the steps that follow. In Step 1 we have provided links to some State of North Carolina schools, and their respective “Pathways to Majors” websites. If you cannot find the school you are looking for, browse that school’s website (for “Pathways to Majors,” curriculum guides, and/or eight-semester plans) – and feel free to ask one of our advisors if you need help!

Withdrawing from, Dropping, or Adding a Face-to-Face Class
If you are withdrawing from, dropping, or adding a face-to-face course, be sure to have the course information and instructor’s name with you before visiting or contacting the advising center. (Example: ENG-111-SD2; Jane Smith). For key withdrawal, drop/add, and other deadlines, go to the SCC Website, and consult the calendar. You can also consult the Student Handbook. You will need to complete a paper or electronic form.
Withdrawing From an Online Class
If you are withdrawing from an online (web-centered) course, you must submit your request online. Login to MySCC, and find the Online Withdrawal button on the menu at left. Follow the instructions for withdrawing from an online/web-centered course. For key withdrawal, drop/add, and other deadlines, go to the SCC homepage, and consult the calendar. You can also consult the Student Handbook. You will need the course information (Example: ENG-111-WC1; instructor Jane Smith), as well as your student identification number. If you have questions, feel free to contact one of our University Transfer Advising Center locations.