Why SCC?

Why SCC?

Whether you want to work toward a four-year degree or need a new career in a jiffy - or if you need customized training for your employees - there's no better place to start exploring your path to success than SCC.

Research proves Southwestern offers the best quality at the best price. Call it a win-win!

Here are a few reasons why you should choose SCC:

$4,000 vs. $900. At a four-year public university in North Carolina, you'll pay nearly $4,000 in tuition for 12 credit hours. At SCC, the same 12 credit hours cost less than $900. 

91 percent. Success rate our graduates enjoy on licensure and certification exams after completing their education or training.

90. Percentage of our graduates who remain and work in our service area upon graduation.

16 to 1. This is our student-to-teacher ratio, and it's a huge reason why our college transfer graduates perform better at four-year schools than students who start at a university.

Priceless. Value of the caring and individualized support you receive from our family of faculty and staff.