E-Learning - Course Development

Course Readiness Review

Course Readiness Review Logo showing the progression from Course Readiness through Exemplary Course
Faculty, Program Coordinators and Deans are key in the development of online and hybrid courses here at Southwestern Community College. Course development is supported through professional development, and one-on-one consultations from the E-Learning department a to assist with development of course materials, assessments and technical issues.

To ensure the consistent quality development of hybrid and web-centered courses, Southwestern has established a course review process for new web-centered and hybrid course offerings. This program ensures that courses are reviewed prior to the start of a term based on a checklist developed by the e-learning committee. 

Once a course is chosen to be run online or hybrid (or in some cases a new instructor is chosen to offer an existing online course), the course will be required to complete the Course Readiness Review. To prepare, faculty may use: Approximately 10 business days prior to the start of a course, the E-Learning department will use the Course Readiness Checklist to review courses and provide faculty a detailed list of an unmet expectations. This will be followed by a working lab (held within 3 days of the start of the semester). This lab is a working professional development session where faculty can work with E-Learning staff to meet any outstanding expectations in the course.