E-Learning - Course Development

Distinguished Courses

Online course quality rests in the hands of the faculty.  SCC is committed to ensuring that instructors have the tools and support necessary to succeed in developing the course components that support successful online students.  SCC support faculty as they move their courses along the quality continuum.  The second step in the process, is the Distinguished Course Level.

As a foundation for theses efforts, SCC has selected Quality Matters (QM) (Click here for a short video on QM) and its Higher Education Rubric as its standard for online / web-centered course quality.
Building on the Course Readiness Review, developing a distinguished course is a collaborative process designed to allow for self-reflection and improvement in essential elements of courses.  Courses at SCC that meet the 21 required expectations of the Quality Matters rubric based upon the consensus of a review committee will achieve the Distinguished Course designation.  As is true with all Quality Matters reviews, developers must meet the standard at an 85% level – the goal is development not perfection.

Support available:
  • Improving Your Online Course  - This training offered in both an online and hybrid format based on the preference of the developer allows time for instructors to discuss the standards and receive direct support from a member of the e-learning department in meeting expectations
  • Distance Learning Course Development Contracts – Each year, a limited number of course development contracts are available, and successful achievement of the Distinguished Course designation is required for payment of the contract.  Contact Bethany Emory, Dean of Teaching and Learning Support or your academic dean for further information. 

Sample Distinguished Courses: