Career and College Promise


Students pursuing college transfer on the Associate of Art and Associate of Science pathways are required to provide satisfactory test scores for math, English, and reading. While test scores are not required to be a Career Technical student, certain Career Technical courses do require test scores.

Students with a 3.5 GPA or higher may qualify for Provisional Status without test scores. To qualify for Provisional Status, students must meet the following requirements:
1. Must have a documented 3.5 GPA or higher
2. Must have completed two years of high school English with a grade of C or higher, and high school algebra II or math II (or a higher level math class), with a grade of C or higher.
3. Must obtain written approval from the high school principal, or the principal's designee.

Provisional students can only be registered as provisional students, and are only permitted to take math and English courses. Upon successful completion of Eng-111 AND Mat-143, students may move off Provisional Status.

Satisfactory test scores can be collected from the PreAct, PSAT, SAT, ACT and the ACCUPLACER. Multiple tests may be used to qualify a student for their pathway or class. The ACCUPLACER is available at the main campus in Sylva, and the Macon Campus in Franklin. Select test dates are occasionally offered at the Swain Center location in Bryson City. Please see our Testing Center Web site for more information: (

Acceptable Test Scores for College Transfer
English 18 26 18 480 Composite score of 151 or higher
Reading 22 26 22 480  
Mathematics 22 24.5 22 530 7 on each assessment for DMA 010 through 060

Scheduling a Test

Macon Campus, Franklin
Contact Kristan Blanton 

Main Campus, Sylva
Contact Jody Woodring

April Copeland can schedule tests for either campus.