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Perfect Interview


What is Perfect Interview™ ?

Perfect Interview™ is an exciting online tool that you can use to practice and develop your job interviewing skills. We show you videos of tough questions from professional interviewers, and you must answer on the spot. Then, use your webcam to record your answers for instant feedback. When you're done, upload your interview to our server so you can share it with your colleagues, advisors, and even prospective employers!

Why use Perfect Interview?

Times are tough and the competition for good jobs is harder than every before. You need every advantage to get the job you want -- and the key to getting hired is a successful interview.

Practice Interviewing Now - log in to MySCC and click on the "Career Center" tab.

(It works best using Internet Explorer)

If you do not have a computer or web cam, there are several locations equipped on campus

You can reserve a time by calling 828.339.4000:

Jackson Campus

Holt Library - Ext. 4268

LAC - Ext. 4325

Founders Hall - Ext. 4204 (Room 121)

Student Services - Ext. 4212

Macon Campus

LAC - Ext. 7028

Student Services - Ext. 7017