Career Services

Resume Writing

Resume Writing logoStudents, alumni, and community members may use the following tools to search for jobs, network, practice interviewing, create and improve their resume, and find employment.

• Big Interview is our interview software that can assist you with preparing for any job, scholarship, or college admissions interview.

• The SCC Job Board is where you can find  jobs posted by our local employers, search employers by region and county, and upload your resume.

• Career Seminars, Programs, and Hiring Events include topics like resume and interview preparation, as well as Job Fairs we host throughout the year.

• LinkedIn Job Search and Networking is a great way to connect with SCC alumni and employers in the area.

• The Resume Writing page has resources to help you get started on your resume. We encourage you to utilize our sample resume that we have included on the website to get started prior to meeting one-on-one with a career counselor.