Career Tech - Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Technology

The Engineering & Technology programs are designed to prepare students through the study and application of principles from mathematics, natural sciences, and technology and applied processes based on these subjects.

Course work includes mathematics, natural sciences, engineering sciences and technology.

Graduates should qualify to obtain occupations such as technical service providers, materials and technologies testing services, engineering technicians, construction technicians and managers, industrial and technology managers, or research technicians.

Civil Engineering Technology prepares students to use basic engineering principles and technical skills to carry out planning, documenting and supervising tasks in sustainable land development and public works and facilities projects. The program includes instruction in the communication and computational skills required for materials testing, structural testing, field and laboratory testing, site analysis, estimating, project management, plan preparation, hydraulics, environmental technology, and surveying. Graduates should qualify for technician-level jobs with both public and private engineering, construction, and surveying agencies.

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