Counseling Services

Counseling Services


Counseling Services for students at SCC are free and offered in two ways:

1) SCC’s College Counselor, Peter Buck      
 - or - 

2) SCC’s Student Assistance Program
(Provided by the McLaughlin Young Group)


SCC College Counselor Peter Buck:

A licensed counselor since 1993… with 20 years of experience at SCC

He knows the challenges that students face as they take difficult classes, work, have family obligations, etc.
He knows the instructors, courses and programs at SCC

If you want, he will not only work with you, but also talk with your teachers so we can all work together to support your success at SCC -- if needed, he will also talk with outside agencies such as Meridian, Appalachian, REACH and MyGroup to better support you at SCC

​​​Counseling can be done face-to-face, by phone call, or by video-call. 
Concerns addressed (including but not limited to):   
Stress, Anxiety, Anger or Depression Test-Taking Issues Procrastination and Motivation
Family Issues Gender Identity Relationships
Trauma Aspects of ADD Recovery Support
Breaking Habits Balancing Work-School-Family Sustainable High-Performance

You can contact Peter Buck at 828.339.4243 or pbuck[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu

SCC's Student Assistance Program (Provided by the McLaughlin Young Group) 


  • They can be reached 24/7, 365 days/year -- call 800.633.3353

  • They provide solution-focused, short-term therapy (up to 3 sessions per "problem")

  • You may address as many separate "problems" as needed

  • They have a large group of experience therapists (40,000 worldwide) with different specialties.

Concerns Addressed (similar to SCC's College Counselor) including but not limited to:

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Alcohol/Substance Abuse

  • Relationship Issues/Martial Difficulties

  • Grief and Loss

  • Adjustment Issues

  • Crisis Issues

  • Balancing Work and School

They also have articles, videos and some consultants to address work-life concerns (financial issues, elder care/aging, parenting, legal issues, etc.)

For counseling:

  • Call 800.633.3353 (24/7)

You can also go online: (For non-emergencies)

    Or go to:  [   →  MY Portal Login →  Student → Request a SAP Appointment (upper right-hand corner)]

For Work-Life resources:

   Or go to:  [   →  MY Portal Login →  Work-Life ]

To log into Work-Life resources:  the SCC Username & Password are required.  They are available on the SCC Alert app:   Home page  → Support Resources  →   Counseling    - or -   email pbuck[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu