Disability Services

For Faculty: What you can do to support students with disabilities

  • Talk to your students. Ask questions. Listen.
  • Remember confidentiality. Respect privacy.
  • Avoid making assumptions about a person’s abilities…or disabilities.
  • Use multiple modes of teaching. If one approach isn’t working, try something else.
  • Repeat or paraphrase questions and response. Check for understanding.
  • Encourage multiple means of expression.
  • Consider the essential components of each task or lesson.
  • Allow for different ways to approach those essential components.
  • Highlight critical information. Tell students what is important.
  • Help students with structure and organization.
  • Encourage use of a notebook and/or planner.
  • Write down the day’s objectives and/or an outline of the current lesson.
  • Review previous lesson and link to current information. Summarize key points at the end of class.
  • Teach in short (20 minute) segments with time for integration between each section.
  • Give assignments in writing. Clearly define expectations for completing assignments.
  • Know the resources available, contact the staff of Disability Services Coordinator.
  • Make requested accommodations in a timely manner.
  • Treat each person with respect and dignity.