E-Learning Updates

Course Readiness Reviews

That time is upon us again! Course Readiness Reviews for web-centered courses are gearing up for the Spring 2018 term. Once a course is chosen to be run online (or in some cases a new instructor is chosen to offer an existing online course), the course is required to complete the Course Readiness Review.

Microsoft Office 365 Available Free to Students

We wanted to take a moment to remind you that, as a student, you are provided a copy of Microsoft Office 365 free of charge.  To get Office on your Mac or PC, please follow the instructions in this tutorial (click the blue link to access).

This package gives you the latest version of the full Office productivity suite, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. 

Aviso Early Adopter Program

One of the most important keys to success in using the Aviso Advising platform is ensuring data necessary to alert students, faculty and staff of concerns is available.  To this end, SCC has embarked on a 1-year plan to ensure that Grades for all classes are available in Blackboard. However, we wanted to offer an opportunity for you to get a bit ahead of the curve... and earn a bit of extra cash.