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Academic Calendar

The academic calendar is published in the college catalog, and updates are communicated via the college web page.  This information is included in a Google calendar format and can be added to your calendar using this link.


Aviso is a tool used to allow faculty quick access to student information such as courses taken current grades and attendance, and notes from other faculty.  Aviso can be accessed via mySCC, and uses the my SCC username and password. This link will take you to tutorials which explain how to use Aviso, or feel free to contact the E-Learning Department for support.

College Mission and Vision

College Vision, Mission and Goals
Southwestern Community College will be an educational gateway for enriching lives and strengthening our community.

Mission Statement
Southwestern Community College is a learning and teaching institution offering high-quality, innovative instruction and support, which promotes student achievement, academic excellence and economic development.

Institutional Goals
The College Will...

Commencement - Participation

  • Full-time faculty are required to participate in the ceremony for their division (and welcome to attend other ceremonies as well).
  • Adjunct faculty and staff are welcomed to participate.
  • Academic regalia is required (cap and gown minimum; hood as indicated by degrees)

Disability Services - Office

SCC adheres to the federal definition of a disability includes a person who has the following characteristics:
1.     A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities,
2.     A record of such impairment, or
3.     Is regarded as having such impairment.

Early College

An Early College is a small, autonomous high school associated with Southwestern Community College. Early College provides high school students, who enroll in the 9th grade, the opportunity to earn both their high school diploma and an associate’s degree (or two years of college credit) within their five years of enrollment in Early College. The Early College provides a safe, caring school where each child is well-known, intellectually challenged, and encouraged by high school and college faculty and staff.

Field Trips

An Off-Campus Activity Release form must be completed and signed by each student prior to the date of the trip. Submit the completed form to your dean prior to the trip. Students under age 18 must have parent/guardian sign the form. See your dean for field trip processes prior to your first off-campus activity.
This link will take you to Policy 5.02.01 – Field Trips

First In the World Grant / Proactive Advising

The college is currently participating in a grant to explore the impact of proactive advising in students.  This link will connect you with further information about the grant here at SCC.


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