Classroom Management

Discipline for Academic Related Violations

Academic Related Violations include:  
  • Plagiarism;
  • Cheating;
  • Aiding Acts of Academic Dishonesty; and
  • Violations of Normal Classroom Behavior
Begin the process by entering your concerns into the student concerns portal. Once you have documented the concern, schedule a conversation with the student, surrounding your concerns. Be clear about what you have observed, and ask the student for clarification or comment.  Based on this assessment, determine if an academic violation has occurred.

Discipline Procedures for Non-Academic Related Violations

The code of student conduct is published in Policy 6.03.02: Standards of Student Conduct.  Non-Academic Related Violations to the student code of conduct include:
  • A. Theft and Property Damage
  • B. Trespass
  • C. Drugs and Alcohol  
  • D. Lewd and Indecent Behavior  
  • E. Mental/Physical Abuse  
  • F. Assault
  • G. Domestic Violence
  • H. Sexual Assault  

Early College

An Early College is a small, autonomous high school associated with Southwestern Community College. Early College provides high school students, who enroll in the 9th grade, the opportunity to earn both their high school diploma and an associate’s degree (or two years of college credit) within their five years of enrollment in Early College. The Early College provides a safe, caring school where each child is well-known, intellectually challenged, and encouraged by high school and college faculty and staff.

Field Trips

An Off-Campus Activity Release form must be completed and signed by each student prior to the date of the trip. Submit the completed form to your dean prior to the trip. Students under age 18 must have parent/guardian sign the form. See your dean for field trip processes prior to your first off-campus activity.
This link will take you to Policy 5.02.01 – Field Trips

Immediate Needs

Each division has an administrative assistant who is happy to assist with classroom needs.  In addition, should you have a maintenance emergency while teaching, this individual is your first point of contact.
·   Arts and Sciences: Jill Wolfe – Oaks Hall – 828.339.4300 – j_wolfe[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu
·   Career Technologies: Dee Roberts – Founders Hall – 828.339.4204 – d_roberts[at]southwesterncc[dot]edu

Laptop/iPad Carts

Laptop carts are available for checkout in several buildings on campus:
·    Burrell Faculty Workroom (2nd Floor) – 2 Laptop Carts
·    Balsam (Rm 253 B – for Biology, Chemistry and Physics classes; Rm 211 – for Health Sciences classes) – 2 Laptop Carts, 1 iPad cart
·    Macon Campus – Front desk – 2 Laptop carts and 1 iPad cart

Office / Instructional Supplies

Dry Erase markers can usually be found in the classroom.  If you need anything else, contact your division’s Administrative Assistant or Dean.

SAT Team

SCC created a Student Assessment Team (SAT) to assist in promoting a safe teaching and learning environment.

The SAT team is charged with:
1) Prevention of inappropriate student behaviors, and
2) Providing early intervention for students exhibiting concerning behaviors.
The SAT team is a cross-functional group composed of faculty and staff who have education, training and experience in assessing and offering behavioral interventions.

Student Behavior Concerns Portal

The Student Concerns Portal program allows SCC faculty and staff to identify students who are at risk and to initiate immediate intervention with the students as soon as problems are identified. This process enables SCC to track all contacts and intervention efforts and share information appropriately with the student and others who can help the student to be successful. Our goal is to improve student success.

Risks being monitored follow:
  • Class attendance


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